best Tea for Pooping

Studies show that our digestion slows down as we age, and constipation becomes more of a common issue. Treating regular constipation with laxatives can be bad for your long-term health. Herbal tea that includes natural laxatives is a healthier way to deal with constipation in the long term; if you know which ones to try!

Ingredients such as dandelion root, cinnamon, peppermint and more can help you poop more frequently. Some tea blends are formulated with several ingredients that are proven to help with digestion and bowel problems for targeted constipation relief.

Aside from being uncomfortable, constipation can be painful, embarrassing and cause other problems like bloating, gas and indigestion. Finding a way to prevent constipation can save you an awful lot of bother and embarrassment.

Luckily, there are several teas that you can drink before or after a meal to deal with digestive issues and ensure you never feel constipated again. Here are the best herbal teas for constipation relief that you should try.

Cinnamon Garden 1 Stimulant laxative
Fennel Seeds 2-3 Gas and indigestion
Caraway Seeds 2 Constipation bloating
Ginger Root 1-3 Constipation bloating
Chamomile 2-4 Stomach cramps
Dandelion Root 1-3 Constipation bloating
Senna Tea 1 Stimulant laxative
Flat Tummy Tea 1 Gas and indigestion

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Cinnamon Garden acts as a stimulant laxative

We created this herbal tea blend specifically to target feelings of constipation and digestive pain.

Usually, constipation is a symptom of other digestive problems. Helping treat the source of your discomfort is the perfect way to get rid of constipation.

Just one cup of cinnamon garden tea a day can help effectively reduce constipation and encourage bowel movements.

Our Cinnamon Garden tea blend contains cinnamon, fennel seeds, caraway seeds, and ginger root to help ease digestion and treat the cause of constipation. You can also drink this tea after dinner before you are constipated to prevent having problems later on. Read:

Cinnamon is good for gut health

One of the key ingredients in our tea is cinnamon which has been used to help treat constipation for centuries.

First used in Ancient Rome and Egypt, cinnamon is a natural laxative that loosens your bowels to make going to the toilet easier. Cinnamon is high in dietary fibres, which help your digestive system move food through your body with ease.

They keep everything slow and steady and prevent blockages that lead to toilet trouble.

Cinnamon is also antispasmodic, so it soothes cramping muscles and makes it easier to go to the toilet without pain. You should drink cinnamon tea before dinner to ease constipation later.

Fennel Seeds for gas and indigestion

The seeds of the fennel plant are another fantastic, natural way to help relieve constipation.

The seeds contain Anethole which can help move any blockages, soothe digestive muscles and encourage more frequent trips to the bathroom. Furthermore, fennel seeds are mildly antibacterial and antimicrobial, which helps keep your gut flora in the best shape possible, making digestion smoother and more manageable.

Fennel seeds are anti-inflammatory and help calm an angry digestive tract and make going to the toilet less painful.

Fennel is excellent to take once you are constipated as it can help relieve intestinal gas, which contributes to blockages, cramps, and stomach pain. Read:

No more bloating with caraway seeds

Seeds of the caraway plant are great to help stop constipation. The seeds have a high concentration of healthy fibre, which keeps your digestive system healthy and encourages you to go to the toilet.

Furthermore, the seeds are also high in magnesium. Magnesium helps to pull water into your gut, lining your intestines and helping flush out any faeces.

Ginger root for constipation

As an essential part of our blended tea, ginger root can help to reduce pressure in your lower intestines.

A blockage or build-up can cause cramping and can make bowel movements painful. The stress caused by the backup of faeces can be released slightly by the active gingerol compound in ginger root. In studies, ginger can help relieve pressure and make you go to the toilet more often, meaning fewer symptoms of constipation.

Healthy digestion is the key to preventing constipation after large meals. Read:


Multiple different natural ingredients are proven to help with constipation and problematic bowels. We’ve blended them all into a tea that is designed to help relieve pressure in your intestines, encourage healthy digestion to prevent constipation, and then encourage bowel movements.

Chamomile is used to treat indigestion

Chamomile tea is very popular as an after-dinner drink because of its sleepy effects. However, very few people know it is also drunk after dinner to help soothe digestive problems and encourage a trip to the toilet. Read:

Chamomile is a natural laxative and a delicious way to make you poop easier!

Chamomile works by soothing cramping stomach muscles to push your poop through your system and out rather than it getting stuck. By minimising cramping in the stomach, your body can focus on moving food properly through your digestive system and out the other end.

Chamomile tea helps beat constipation by soothing cramping stomach muscles to allow food to pass through your digestive system without getting stuck. It’s the perfect after-dinner drink!

People who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) often choose chamomile tea to help control their condition. In one study, people who took chamomile found almost immediate relief from constipation associated with IBS.

Just one cup a day is enough to help prevent constipation by ensuring all food is moved steadily through the digestive system. Because chamomile helps control the muscles, it can be used to help tackle constipation and diarrhoea.


Chamomile tea is an effective way to control bowel movements and help prevent constipation, diarrhoea, and IBS. Chamomile helps to soothe cramping stomach muscles, encourages smooth digestion and prevents blockages.

Dandelion tea can treat constipation

Dandelion tea helps with constipation by adding water to your faeces. Dandelion is a well-known diuretic meaning it makes you pee more. But many people don’t know that dandelion can make you poop more often too.

Dandelion is a diuretic and a mild laxative. It helps loosen hard stool making bowel movements easier. It can be used to treat constipation because it lubricates your gut and helps keep everything moving through your body.

As a diuretic, dandelion pulls excess water through your system. Some of this water helps line and flush your digestive track turning solid blockages into a healthy bowel movement. Since it helps move water, dandelion is also great for helping deal with excess water retention.

Another way dandelion helps improve digestion and prevent constipation is by stimulating bile production in your liver. Read:

The bile in your liver also moves into your gallbladder, which helps break down fats and helps absorb nutrients. More bile means better digestion, and it helps prevent indigestion.

This means your body extracts all the goodness, and then the bile can help push the rest out. This stimulates your bowels to pass waste regularly rather than hold onto it. In this way, dandelion helps speed up digestion and will mean more regular, smaller bowel movements.

One study found dandelion helped reduce constipation 96% of the time! The plant contains 14 different types of probiotic bacteria that help maintain a healthy gut and digestive tract. By supporting a healthy digestive process, dandelion reduces constipation and other intestinal problems.


Dandelion is a known diuretic, but few people know it also helps with constipation. Dandelion tea helps loosen solid stools for a more effortless bowel movement. It also helps stimulate bile production, which aids digestion and encourages more frequent trips to the toilet.

Senna tea is a strong natural laxative

One of the most popular teas for constipation is senna. This little-known plant is an excellent way to cleanse your colon and help empty your bowels. Senna is one of the most potent natural laxatives and is recommended for people who suffer from regular constipation.

It is so effective it can stimulate a bowel movement within a few hours. However, it can cause irritation if you take senna when you aren’t constipated.

The active ingredients in the senna leaves are called sennosides. These compounds cannot be adequately digested or absorbed by your digestive system, so they are slightly irritating.

This irritation stimulates your body to get rid of everything in a bowel movement in an attempt to remove the irritation. This makes senna very effective but not the most comfortable experience.

Senna is so good at relieving constipation that some people use it before colonoscopies. Because it irritates your digestive system to prompt a bowel movement, overusing it can cause diarrhoea or permanent damage to your bowel tissue.

When used infrequently, senna will help not only deal with constipation, but also cleanse your entire digestive tract and colon. This means it can also be used on occasion to help with detoxing. It’s like a reset button for your digestive system. Most people only take senna once they experience constipation rather than to help prevent it. Read:


Leaves from the senna plant are a potent, natural laxative. They can be used to cleanse the digestive tract and colon to encourage a bowel movement within hours. The compounds in the plant are irritating, which means overuse can be dangerous. Senna tea can be used irregularly to handle the most challenging constipation situations! Using senna to deal with constipation is effective but not particularly pleasurable.

Flat tummy tea improves bowels movement 

Another great herbal remedy for constipation is our Amelie Flat Tummy tea. This tea has been created to help tackle digestive problems such as irregular bowel movements, bloating, excess gas and indigestion.

It’s also great for dealing with constipation caused by digestive issues. The tea contains peppermint, fennel seeds, turmeric, dandelion root, and chamomile to help ease constipation and promote healthy digestion.

After eating, you should have one cup of this tea to help your body effectively digest food without resulting in constipation. The tea contains turmeric and peppermint to aid digestion and reduce bloating and constipation.

Peppermint aids digestion

The peppermint in the flat tummy tea blend has antispasmodic properties. The menthol oil in the plant’s leaves helps to stop cramping and soothe your intestines. Menthol is a proven way to help control constipation by relaxing your digestive tract. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), peppermint can help reduce symptoms and calm stomach cramps.

Turmeric speeds up digestion

Turmeric is the bright orange spice that will make you poop. Turmeric has been a superfood for several years because it can help with a whole host of health problems. Studies show that regularly consuming turmeric as a part of your diet can speed up your digestive time, so you will need to poop more quickly after eating. By speeding up digestion, you won’t feel constipated. Turmeric is a natural laxative.

You can discover more about the amazing health benefits of turmeric in:

Two cups a day of this unique tea blend can help prevent constipation after eating a large meal. You can have one cup before and one cup after a meal. Unlike some laxatives, you can drink this tea every day without any side effects.


Our Flat Tummy tea blend is formulated with peppermint and turmeric, which help beat constipation and bowel problems. Both peppermint and turmeric are natural laxatives that can help soothe cramping stomach muscles and push food quickly through your system.


If you suffer from recurring bowel problems, especially if you suffer from IBS, herbal remedies are a great natural way to keep everything moving.

Ingredients like dandelion, fennel seeds, peppermint, ginger, and chamomile can all help keep your digestive system healthy and encourage pooping. You can choose a tea blend with multiple ingredients for more effective constipation relief if you want additional benefits.

Combining herbal remedies can offer even great relief from constipation and ensure you go to the toilet regularly.