Yes. Just make sure the leaves are infused in hot water first before cooling it in the fridge or adding ice!

Period bloat is completely normal and you might not be able to see the results straight away as naturally you’re more bloated during this time, but lots of women find it helps them combat that period bloat and gives them that extra kick of energy!

It’s best to stick to the directions on the pack. It’s designed specifically as a program and if you drink it more than the recommended amount, you’ll run out of tea before your program is up.

Let’s be honest, if you eat chips and watch Netflix all day, drinking New Me is probably not going to save you. But if you keep it healthy most of the time and do a little exercise, you’ll definitely see better results.

Every ingredient sourced and used to make the blends at Black Leaves is 100% natural. Our major challenge is to provide as many pesticide-free, organic and bioenergetic ingredients as possible. Every herbal blend is free from toxic or allergy-triggering substances, including drugs and medications.

The blends are loose leaf so you just need a strainer like this to infuse the leaves.

The amount of exercise varies from person to person so you will have to see what is working for you. The majority of our clients train at least twice a week.


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