Losing Weight Should Not Be A Full-Time Job….

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But for a long time, it felt like that for Anthony’s mother, Mary. That is, until her son figured out how she could lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.
Finally, she stopped feeling so hopeless and frustrated.

This is why Anthony founded Black Leaves: to support everyone who wants to achieve their health goals while continuing to do what they love.

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Anthony Loggia created his first herbal blend inspired by the challenges his mother faced during her life.

When Mary was 37, she started to have health problems, caused by long working hours, stress and pressure, which led her to consume an excessive amount of coffee and unhealthy snacks.

In only 12 months, she gained over 20 kilos. Going from 65kg to 85kg, Mary started to feel self-conscious about her appearance and avoided going out, neglecting the most important things in her life: love, family and friends.

She spent the following ten years trying to lose weight, trialling many different diets, without achieving any real results.

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Anthony Loggia, Western Australia.

Then, one day, during a trip in Thailand, Anthony had an argument with his girlfriend and he jumped on his motorbike and left. While he was driving around without a clear destination, he saw a local guide who was attempting to replace a flat tyre on the side of the road. He decided to stop and help her, and while they were chatting, the lady (whose name is Anong) noticed how frustrated Anthony was. She started to explain to him the negative effects accumulated toxins can have in the body. To thank him for his help, she offered him a pack of tea, a calming herbal blend. As they said goodbye, Anthony promised her that he would try it out…

And try it out he did!

It was the first time in years that Anthony felt so relaxed and light-hearted. He started to wonder whether there were other herbs that could be used to help his mum get back into shape. With the guidance of his mentor Anong, he designed his first unique weight loss blend that, in only six months, brought his mum back to her original weight.

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Impressed by the power that the right food and beverage can have on someone’s mental and physical health, Anthony started to research the ways in which herbs can improve overall health and wellbeing. After all, herbs have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, and for good reason!

By researching different varieties, they created a selection of blends to help others resolve their health issues such as unwanted weight or obesity, stress and anxiety and lack of energy. For example, their NewMe 28 program includes a perfect combination of herbs to maximise weight loss.

Since then, more and more women around Australia have been using these blends to turn their lives around, making Black Leaves one of the most loved boutique tea-sellers in Australia.

Anthony and the Black Leaves team couldn’t be happier that their carefully-curated products are making such a positive difference in people’s lives.