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Organic Lavender Tea

The order and delivery was perfect! We've been using the Lavender to create a simple syrup for an alcohol free cocktail and the Lavender has turned out exquisite!


I'm in my second week of drinking these teas and I absolutely love them. I love the flavours and I love the benefits. The appetite suppressing qualities of these teas are nothing like I've ever had before. I lost 1.2kgs in just my first week. This week I've started back at the gym with a tailored fitness program & I'm so excited to see the results at the end of my first 28 days.
I've tried many teas, drinks and supplements in the past but nothing has even come close to what drinking this tea has done for me so far. I highly recommend everyone to try it.

New Me 28 Day Teatox

Loving the teas - sipping for 10 days and combined with healthy eating, have lost 1.5 kg in weight. Very happy with results so far.

Great tea

I love all the teas i drink them daily.

Red Hibiscus Tea

Wow! First time trying this. A fantastic tonic and detox herb. Has a beautiful but not overwhelming taste. Fantastic product. 👍

Love this!

Taste great and it works. Will definitely be ordering more. Great product!

4 days in and I am already sleeping better and feeling amazing.

Love this Tea! Easy to prepare, tastes yummy. Definitely purchasing this again 😊.

Fat Burning Tea

Great taste with no bitterness and been using this tea for the past 2 weeks and found that I had more energy especially before a workout which I needed.

Good bye insomnia

Earlier this year I started suffering from insomnia. It would take me ages to get to sleep and then I would wake up every two hours throughout the night. A cup of this before I go to bed and I sleep really well. I found it's best if I drink it about an hour before I go to bed for the best results - meaning it takes about an hour for it to work for me.

Love It

Totally enjoying these herbal teas, finding my appetite cravings have decreased and I have a lot more energy.

Slim Tea Goji Berries Collection

I love this product, it tastes great and it works like magic. Great service and prompt delivery make this a winner

Looove it

Do you know how hard it is to find a tea infuser? Thank goodness for these fun infusers. I bought a blue one to go with my tea set. But the best thing is I don’t have to drive all over town looking for one.

28 detox challenge

The 28 day program is going really well for I first weeks program and noticed that all the toxins are realising my body and feel much lighter and sleeping well and lost 800 grams so far and hoping to loose more weight

Great tea

I love this tea have it every morning.. I always love when I get my order they place a little heart on the invoice.. cute

How Cute!!!

Hey Black Leaves Team, thanks for this handy tea infuser. Very easy to wash, also thanks to the small holes, my cups of tea are so clear as I hate all that bit and pieces in the tea when I'm drinking it. 😘😘😘

I haven’t started yet

I am finishing thin tea 28 programs now so i will submit my review after i start this tea

28 day detox

Day 6.
So far, so good.

Skin Tea Belle Femme

Peppermint Pep

I love mint tea and this one is outstanding, great for any time of the day, hot or cold, always works for me.

Flat tummy tea

Only just received my tea so it’s to early to comment on the product

Best tea ever!

The Clear Skin tea is the best-tasting tea I
have ever had! It tastes amazing iced or hot, and is so smooth. I highly recommend!

Tastes great

I am into my second week and feel this program is helping me feel less bloated and less wanting sugary stuff