Can Dandelion Root Help You Lose Water Weight?

Water weight is something we all battle with; I know I do. More and more women are turning to dandelion root as an all-natural way to lose water weight and prevent water retention.

The root of the dandelion plant contains properties that help you lose excess water weight leaving you looking and feeling your best. Dandelion root tea can help flush out excess water, and you’ll notice a difference from day one.

Read on to learn more about how dandelion root will help if you struggle with excess water weight.

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How do you know if it’s water retention, bloating or fat?

Before tackling any weight gain, you need to know what kind of weight you’ve gained; it could be water weight, bloating or extra fat. It can be hard to know what to take to get rid of the excess weight.

If you’ve gained extra fat, it can be harder to get rid of, and your weight won’t fluctuate much. Bloating will only appear around your stomach, while water weight can be found around your joints, in your legs and can make your face puffy. Bloating and water weight can make your weight change every day.

Depending on the type of weight you’ve gained, you will have to find different ways to get rid of it.

Bloating isn’t actually weight, so it shouldn’t make a big difference when you get on the scales. If you notice your stomach is larger than usual, but you aren’t heavier, you’re probably just bloated.

This is because bloating is gas and can come and go within hours. If you think you’re bloated, it could be caused by constipation. This article can help you beat bloating.

Water weight happens when your body holds on to excess water. When your body stores water, making you heavier, and you may feel swollen and puffy.

Like bloating, water weight fluctuates a lot. However, unlike bloating, excess water can cause your weight to go up and down daily.

However, when you put on proper weight stored as fat, your weight won’t fluctuate daily. Fat takes longer to build up and even longer to lose. If you notice a steady weight gain over several weeks, it’s likely excess fat.

Fat build-up and water weight can look different for everyone. If you are unsure, speak to your doctor, who will be able to accurately tell your body weight and how much of your body is fat or water.


Water weight and bloating can change every day. Bloating is just excess gas and shows only in your stomach, but it won’t change your weight. Water weight can make your whole body feel swollen and puffy and can change your weight daily. Fat is stored differently on everyone, but your weight won’t fluctuate daily.

Natural Diuretic

Natural Diuretic to flush out water weight

Dandelion root has natural diuretic properties which can help flush out excess water weight by increasing urine production.

Dandelion is a diuretic and can stimulate your bladder to increase urine output to help flush out excess water. Increased urine means immediate relief from excess water weight and bloating.

The dandelion plant contains phytonutrients that stimulate your bladder to make you go to the toilet. Research into the effectiveness of dandelion tea found that just two cups is enough to increase urine output without increasing the frequency. So, you’ll pee more, but not more often!

By encouraging your bladder to expel more urine, you’ll be able to literally flush out extra water weight.

Unlike medically prescribed diuretics, you won’t need to take additional supplements when drinking dandelion tea.

When increasing urine levels, your body can also flush out beneficial nutrients, mainly potassium. However, dandelion contains potassium, so your body retains essential nutrients while helping eliminate excess water.

Since dandelion is a good source of vitamin A, B, zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron, you don’t need to worry about electrolyte imbalance.

Dandelion root tea means you can safely and effectively remove excess water from your system without becoming overly dehydrated or flushing out valuable nutrients and minerals.


As an effective, natural diuretic, dandelion root tea can increase urine output and flush out excess water weight. Unlike prescribed synthetic diuretics, dandelion root tea contains other vital nutrients to keep you healthy and not dehydrated.

Better liver function to remove water and prevent future water weight

Good liver function is crucial to help your body filter out toxins and water passed as urine. Helpfully, dandelion root can improve your liver function to help minimise water retention.

Your body should naturally regulate your water level. So, if you are suffering from too much water weight, it’s a sign that something isn’t right. One of the most common causes of water retention is a build-up of toxins in the body caused by poor liver function.

Your liver plays an essential role in helping filter out toxins. With fewer toxins and a properly functioning liver, your body can naturally regulate your water retention.

Dandelion tea boosts your liver to function better and remove toxins more effectively. Dandelion root tea encourages your liver to produce more bile and work more efficiently.

Dandelion root stimulates your liver to produce more bile. With more bile, your liver gets a boost to detoxify your body more effectively so you can naturally manage your water weight. Bile in the liver is mainly made up of water, so in order to increase bile, your liver pulls extra water from elsewhere to turn into bile.

This means the dandelion root has the double effect of improving detoxification and removing excess water.

When your body doesn’t have a build-up of toxins, you are less likely to have extra water weight because your body doesn’t need to use the water to remove toxins.

So dandelion root tea can help prevent you from struggling with water weight in the future and remove any water weight you currently have.

If you want to maximise the detoxifying properties of dandelion root tea, you can add a squeeze of lemon juice which can also boost your liver functions.

The high concentration of vitamin C in lemon also improves your liver’s detoxification properties.


Dandelion root can help improve your liver function by stimulating the production of bile. Since liver bile is made up of water, the liver pulls excess water from elsewhere to make the bile, thereby removing excess water weight. Improved detoxification also helps prevent future water retention, thereby minimising water weight.

minimise swelling

Anti-inflammatory properties to minimise swelling

Dandelion root also helps reduce water weight thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, which help minimise puffiness, swelling and bloating. It is especially beneficial for removing water weight stored around your joints, such as your ankles.

With most water weight stored around your joints, dandelion tea’s anti-inflammatory properties can help soothe joints and minimise swelling to prevent water retention. As a result, you’ll retain less water and have less joint pain.

Dandelion root is packed full of Vitamin A which has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling around your joints.

Swollen joints are generally surrounded by excess water to help lubricate your joints. Like with arthritis, bad joints mean water retention and swelling, which is caused by excess water weight.

This 2010 study shows that dandelion is effective at soothing inflammation throughout the body. By soothing inflamed joints, dandelion tea prevents your body from holding on to water. When your body doesn’t need to use water to cushion your joints, it can effectively eliminate water weight.

Drinking just one cup of dandelion root tea per day can help soothe sore joints and effectively eliminate fluid retention around your joints to lower your water weight.

If you want to learn more about anti-inflammatories, this article contains the best anti-inflammatory teas.


Dandelion root contains vitamin A which is anti-inflammatory, and this helps soothe sore joints where your body stores excess fluid. With better joints and more minor swelling, your body won’t hold as much water weight.

Dandelion root

Other weight-loss benefits of Dandelion root

Although it is used worldwide to help tackle water retention and water weight, dandelion root has other weight loss benefits.

The root of the dandelion plant can also help shift excess weight by dissolving fat, and it can even help with bloating, and it has detoxifying properties. The additional weight loss benefits of dandelion root could help you with your weight loss journey.

Read on to find how other ways dandelion root can help you lose weight.

Fat breakdown for consistent weight loss

Another great benefit of dandelion root tea is that it can also help you lose some excess fat. Dandelion tea is a natural way to lose weight if you want to target water weight and fat gain.

Dandelion root stimulates your pancreas to produce an enzyme that helps break down fats during digestion. This enzyme means your body can process and digest fats more efficiently and pass them as waste in a bowel movement.

If your digestive system effectively breaks down fats, you won’t store the fat on your body as extra weight. By producing more of the enzyme that dissolves fats, you can increase your weight loss and prevent future weight gain.

Can help minimise bloating

When you have excess water weight, your body may also bloat. Bloating is a common symptom of water weight, so when you lose water weight, you should bloat less, but you can also treat bloating by drinking dandelion root tea.

The diuretic properties of dandelion root tea help flush out the excess salt in your body that causes bloating. Furthermore, the same enzymes that help break down fats help soothe your digestive system, so you have less excess gas, which also causes bloating.

By stimulating the enzymes and bile that improve digestion, your body produces less gas, and you will feel less bloated. With less gas and less excess salt, you can effectively and naturally treat the cause of bloating before you become bloated.

May soothe digestion to help minimise weight gain

Dandelion root can also help soothe digestive issues and relieve constipation. With improved digestion, dandelion root helps you process food efficiently and lose weight naturally.

Evidence from this 2015 study shows that dandelion root helps your digestive system work properly. Dandelion root helps your body break down carbohydrates which usually become fats, to minimise future weight gain.

A boost to your digestive system can help you metabolise and break down foods you would typically store as fat. This is because dandelion root contains a compound called chlorogenic acid which prevents weight gain by minimising fat storage hormones.


Dandelion tea can help you lose weight by breaking down your fat. The plant contains compounds that promote better digestion to help prevent fat storage, combat bloating and stop future weight gain.

Other ways to naturally lose water weight

If you are still struggling with excess water weight or want to maximise your water weight loss, you can combine dandelion root tea with other ways to naturally lose water weight.

You can maximise your weight loss by increasing the amount of exercise you do, watching your salt intake by controlling your diet and managing your stress. Finding other natural ways to lose water weight can help you safely lose weight while staying healthy.

Check out these other easy ways to lose water weight naturally.

Exercise to sweat out excess water

Exercising can be an excellent way to help lose water weight.

Firstly, when you work out, your body moves water to muscles. Having water in your muscles helps keep your joints lubricated.

Secondly, water also helps exercise by circulating the body and keeping you cool; this water is what makes you sweat. So your body loses water while you work out, meaning less water weight, bloating and water retention.

Stress hormone control for less water retention

One of the leading causes of water retention is stress. When you’re stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. Excess cortisol causes your body to enter panic mode, and it tries to keep everything it can just in case.

So, when you’re stressed, your body keeps water. Stress hormone cortisol affects water retention, and it encourages the productions of antidiuretic hormone, which literally forces kidneys to retain moisture. Relaxing balances hormone levels and helps with water retention.

Watch your salt intake for less water weight

Having a diet high in salt encourages your body to retain water. When you eat lots of salt, your body retains the sodium. This sodium pulls water into your body and holds water around your cells, leading to plenty of fluid retention and water weight.

Moreover, when you eat lots of salt, you become thirsty, which means you drink more, leading to even more excess water! It’s a vicious circle, so manage your salt intake to control your water weight.

Many people suffer from water retention in their legs. If you’d like targeted support for water retention in your legs, check out this article.


You can help tackle excess water retention and water weight by managing your salt intake, controlling your hormones, and trying to be less stressed. Regular exercise is a good way to lose water weight.


Your water weight can be hard to control. Unlike fat, your water weight can fluctuate every day. Finding natural ways to control your water weight daily is crucial for managing water retention and excess water weight.

As a natural diuretic, dandelion tea can help flush out excess water. It also gives your kidneys a boost to help filter out water, and the anti-inflammatory properties can tackle swelling and puffiness.

You can improve your water weight loss by gently exercising to sweat out excess water. Managing your stress and minimising the salt in your diet can also help you lose water weight.

If you want some extra ideas about reducing swelling and removing salt overnight to help manage water weight, this article contains more information.