Lose Weight Naturally during Menopause

Menopause weight gain is obvious when you turn 45, and you may feel it is hard for you to lose weight during this time. Since it happens naturally, the best way to lose weight during menopause is with natural remedies.

Making sure you exercise regularly, eat well, and focus on boosting your hormones can help make weight loss during menopause easier. Other natural remedies such as herbal teas can also help you naturally lose weight.

Check out some of our top tips for losing weight during menopause and how to keep the weight off in the long term.

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Adapted exercises for toning and weight loss

One of the best ways to lose menopause weight is to change your exercise habits. As your body changes, your workouts should also change to be more effective.

The same exercise routine that kept you slim when you were younger might not work now. Changes to how your body functions mean you need to adapt your exercise routine to be more effective. You will need to do more frequent, less intense exercise such as walking combined with HIIT training to help lose weight during menopause.

This is because your body isn't functioning in the same way anymore, thanks to changing hormones. Experts recommend trying to get active every day during and after menopause. Even if it's only a short walk, getting your body moving every day is more effective for weight loss than one intense workout per week.

Gentle walking and light movement daily can help keep the weight off and help with toning without being too intense or placing too much stress on your joints.

Furthermore, it would be best to consider taking a HIIT exercise class to maximise menopausal weight loss. Studies like this one from last year found that menopausal women who took added HIIT to their exercise routine lost twice as much weight as other women.

HIIT is so good for menopausal weight loss because it combines metabolism-boosting cardio with short recovery periods to allow your body to recover. This helps burn fat and tone muscles for a leaner, slimmer body.


As you hit menopause, you need to change your exercise routine to combat weight gain. Combining gentle walking with HIIT training is the most effective way to lose menopause weight gain. It's essential to make sure you exercise daily, even if it's only going for a walk.

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Balance your hormones to stop weight gain

Hormonal changes during menopause cause weight gain, so balancing your hormones during menopause can help stop weight gain.

Your hormones are connected to your metabolism, which controls how much weight you gain and lose. As your hormones rage out of control during menopause, your metabolism is affected, and you can gain weight. Controlling your hormones helps prevent menopausal weight gain and help you lose weight.

Hormones such as cortisol, oestrogen and progesterone promote weight loss by signalling to your body how much fat should be spent as energy and how much should be stored as excess weight.

Natural remedies such as herbal teas can help naturally balance your hormones to encourage weight loss.

Trying to naturally balance your hormones using teas such as this organic Hormone Balance Tea Equilibre is a good option because it contains Ashwagandha, which is proven to help balance hormones. This is combined with other ingredients like Burdock root and papaya to further promote fat burning for weight loss.

Check out this article to know better about menopause teas for weight loss.


Fluctuating hormones during menopause cause unnecessary weight gain as your body changes how it burns and stores fat. Balancing your hormones helps prevent weight gain and can encourage your metabolism to lose weight. Herbal remedies like teas are a good way to balance hormones naturally.

Control your portions for consistent weight loss

As you reach menopause, your body requires fewer calories, so you will gain weight faster if you eat the same size portions. Controlling your appetite and eating smaller portions is essential for menopausal weight loss.

The sudden change in your body means fewer calories are burnt each day. For every unburnt calorie, your body stores it as fat. This means that if you are eating the same size portions at every meal, you will start to put on weight.

Experts say you burn 200 fewer calories a day when you reach menopause. The best way to adjust to your new calorie limit is to have smaller portions at each meal to adapt to your body's natural menopause weight gain. Having smaller portions instead of a restrictive diet means you can still enjoy all your favourite foods without overindulging.

Using natural appetite suppressants such as herbal teas can help you manage hunger and reduce portion size for weight loss as they have naturally suppressing properties.

The most popular appetite suppressing teas include mint, hibiscus, fennel, ginger, and green tea.

Reduce cravings with Appetite Suppressant Tea

An easy way to reduce cravings is by adding an appetite suppressant tea to your diet. Hunger Buster Delices des Abeilles can help safely and naturally control your appetite for natural weight loss.

The tea's natural ingredients help stabilise your blood sugar levels to suppress cravings and minimise fat absorption. The sweet flavour means you can still get your sweet sugary fix without the calories helping aid weight loss.

The Hunger Buster Delices des Abellies tea is blended with several appetite-suppressing ingredients, including fennel seeds, hibiscus flower, and liquorice. This tisane blend effectively curbs your cravings for sweet foods and manages blood sugar levels to stop you from getting hungry between meals.

This tea blend is so effective that you only need one cup daily. When you start to get hungry mid-morning, reach for a cup of this tea blend instead of a snack and watch your cravings disappear.

One cup in the morning will last you all day, and you’ll soon find your appetite adjusts to eating less, helping you keep the weight off.


When you reach menopause, your body burns fewer calories, so you'll gain weight if you don't adjust your diet. Natural appetite suppressants and portion control can help prevent weight gain and encourage weight loss. Herbal remedies to stop cravings and manage hunger can also help.

Metabolism boost for fat burning

Metabolism boost for fat burning

During menopause, your metabolism slows down, which is another reason why you gain weight. Giving your metabolism a boost helps you naturally lose weight even when you aren't working out.

A drop in oestrogen during menopause causes your metabolism to slow down. Your metabolism is responsible for burning calories and storing fat, so a better metabolism means less weight gain and improved weight loss.

Like this 2015 study, the research found that metabolic changes during menopause contribute to overall obesity and other health issues such as heart disease and diabetes. A slow metabolism means all the cells in your body work more slowly, so you gain more weight and may feel extra fatigued.

Luckily, boosting your metabolism is reasonably straightforward. To boost your metabolism naturally, you can make some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle.

For example, drinking cold water, eating spicy food or drinking green tea can be excellent ways to quickly and effectively boost your metabolism.

If you are unsure if your metabolism is slowing down, click here to learn more about how your metabolism changes during menopause.

Green tea to effectively boost your metabolism

One of the most effective ways to naturally boost your metabolism is to add a metabolism-boosting green tea to your diet.

Green tea can stimulate your body to increase metabolism because it contains flavonoids called catechins. These catechins help break down fat and boost your metabolism to aid weight loss.

A naturally boosted metabolism means greater calorie burning, increased fat oxidisation, and less weight gain. However, choosing an organic tea is important to boost your metabolism without any nasty side effects for long-term weight loss.

A tea like the Matinee Slim Tea can be drunk each morning to naturally kickstart your metabolism for the whole day. One cup in the morning is enough to increase your metabolism over 24 hours.

You can drink several cups per day if you want to increase your fat-burning potential but avoid drinking it after 4 pm as the tea contains caffeine and might keep you awake.

Read more about the health benefits of green tea and find the best green tea in Australia in this article.


Your metabolism slows when you reach menopause which means you burn fewer calories and store more fat. Giving your metabolism a natural boost helps prevent weight gain during menopause and stops you from storing fat. Natural remedies such as green tea can help effectively boost your metabolism all day.

Kickstart weight loss with a detox

As you reach menopause and start to gain weight, a detox can be an effective way to reset your body and see what it needs to lose weight. A short, natural detox can help kickstart your weight loss safely and allow you to improve your overall health.

Natural detoxes can give your liver, gut and kidneys a boost to effectively remove any harmful compounds for your body. This in itself burns calories as your body works to remove toxins. After detox, your internal organs function more effectively to filter and remove excess fat and sugar, so you lose weight.

Additionally, a detox can help regulate your insulin and blood sugar by removing toxins. Insulin and high blood sugar can cause weight gain and lead to obesity. Controlling your insulin by detoxing means storing less food as fat, helping stop future weight gain and promoting weight loss.

Most detox programs restrict your diet and contain harsh laxatives, which can upset your body's natural functions. However, natural detoxes such as using safe herbal teas can be a healthy way to eliminate toxins from your body.

It is because they include organic ingredients, such as those used by Black Leaves, promote overall health, remove toxins and start your weight loss journey without any nasty side effects.

Taking New Me 28-day Teatox as a safe and healthy detox

Herbal detoxes are a safe and healthy way to rid your body of toxins without harsh chemicals and nasty side effects. The New Me 28-day Teatox is safe, natural and doesn't contain harmful laxatives meaning you can detox without worrying.

Containing natural ingredients, the New Me teas can help detox your body and flush out water weight to help you lose weight. The combination of dandelion, fennel, cinnamon, hibiscus, liquorice, and goji berries help naturally detox the body while also suppressing appetite.

The Teatox programme contains four types of teas that are carefully designed to help detox and cleanse your colon and encourage digestion. It can be your safe way to detox and lose weight without extreme dieting.

Check out this article to learn more about the other best detox teas for safe detoxing.


As you enter menopause, a short detox can help remove toxins and promote overall health. This is crucial for weight loss because it helps prevent fat storage and effectively burn more calories. Short detoxes using natural herbal remedies are effective and safe as they don't contain harsh laxatives for longer-term weight loss and health.

Nutrient-rich foods for a balanced diet

As menopause begins and you gain weight, it's time to think about your diet to ensure you eat a balance of nutritional foods without consuming empty calories. To lose weight during menopause, you will need to eat nutrient-rich foods for a balanced diet without overeating sugar, fats or carbohydrates.

To lose weight during menopause, you need to reassess your diet to avoid empty calories and eat nutrient-rich foods for consistent weight loss. Empty calories such as sugar taste good but are generally stored as fat without any nutritional benefit.

You still need to ensure you get all your calories and nutrients, but it's time to say goodbye to overindulging in sugars. According to research, too much sugar, too many carbohydrates and too many saturated fats in your diet can cause you to gain weight without any real nutritional benefit.

Try to watch what foods you eat by avoiding too much bread, pasta, sugar and processed foods. Replace these foods with nutrient-rich foods such as legumes, pulses, beans and vegetables.

If you don't know where to start, you could try taking a cooking class to make your own freshly-cooked meals with natural ingredients. You can also try taking supplements if you want to be sure you're getting the proper nutrients and vitamins.


During menopause, reassess your diet to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Avoid too many carbohydrates, fats and sugars to ensure you have a balanced diet without empty calories. A balanced diet is essential to help you keep the weight off during menopause.


As your body changes during menopause, many women gain extra weight. But luckily, there are lots of ways to manage your weight and prevent menopause weight gain naturally.

When you reach menopause, you will need to make minor adjustments to your diet and workout routine. Your diet should consist of nutritional foods rather than sugar and carbohydrates, and you should reconsider your portion sizes. Overeating is an easy way to gain weight.

Menopausal women also find that gentle exercise every day combined with small amounts of HIIT training are good for weight loss. It's also good to balance your hormones and boost your metabolism for menopausal weight loss. Trying herbal remedies such as natural teas can help with menopausal weight loss.