Menopause Tea Weight Loss

Weight gain is so typical for menopausal women; it's earned the nickname "the middle-aged spread," or some refer to the weight gain as a "spare tyre". Menopausal weight gain can turn into long-term weight gain as most women fail to lose the weight. However, there are some steps you can take to minimise the extra weight during menopause.

Some properties in herbal teas can help prevent you from gaining weight in the first place, ensure your body stays fit and healthy, and can help you burn fat, so even when menopause is over, you can stay in shape.
Menopause is the last big hormonal hurdle. A drop in oestrogen levels means many women experience:

  • Hot flushes
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Reduced libido
  • Trouble concentrating.
Lots of these problems will fade as you emerge from the other side, but weight gain can linger for much longer unless you find a way to tackle it.

Read on to find out how you can beat menopausal weight gain and feel good about your body.

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Équilibre Hormone Balance Tea to prevent weight gain

The best way to lose weight is not to gain it in the first place.

As you reach menopause, hormone imbalances are the reason you start to gain weight, especially around the middle. The Équilibre Hormone Balance Tea is specifically designed to help regulate hormone levels and therefore prevent weight gain during menopause. Read:

When menopause happens, there is a sudden drop in oestrogen levels. It is because of one type of oestrogen which is called oestradiol. This hormone, in particular, is responsible for regulating body weight, metabolism, and fat distribution.

The Best Menopause Teas For Weight Loss

When your hormone levels change, your body forgets to use fat as energy and starts to store it on the body as an extra layer. It also fails to distribute it evenly and just keeps storing it around the middle when it can protect and cushion your organs.

The best way to confront this problem is to ensure your hormones are regulated and balanced. It means your body can continue to burn fat naturally.

The Équilibre Hormone Balance Tea includes papaya, Burdock root, and Ashwagandha root. These can help balance and regulate hormones production and stabilise the hormones in your blood to prevent menopausal weight gain before it happens.

A blend of ingredients for hormonal balance

According to a 2020 study, papaya is a great way to regulate hormones because it encourages your body to produce oestrogen. As your oestrogen levels drop during menopause, adding papaya to your diet can encourage your body to make as much as possible. Because of these properties, any symptoms of menopause related to dropping oestrogen can be minimised, including weight gain!

Burdock root has a slightly different effect. It helps your liver to process and regulate the hormones in your blood. As your oestrogen levels spike and dip, the Burdock root helps to normalise hormone levels, so you don't suddenly gain lots of weight.

Ashwagandha root acts on the endocrine system and encourages your body to produce progesterone. Progesterone is the other important hormone during menopause. The relationship between progesterone and oestrogen is crucial for preventing weight gain. The Ashwagandha helps boost progesterone and keeps it stable against the level of oestrogen, which helps stop weight gain. Read:

How to stop menopausal weight gain?

The best way to stop menopausal weight gain is to prevent it from happening. This means balancing your hormones and boosting your metabolism. This will help to minimise the amount of fat your body stores in the long term. Balance hormones stop weight gain before it happens and helps keep you fitter and healthier for longer. You can also focus on ensuring your muscles stay healthy as you age.


The Black Leaves Équilibre Hormone Balance Tea contains papaya, Burdock root, and Ashwagandha root to help regulate hormones and stabilise hormones levels in your blood. It also aids your body in maintaining a healthy balance of oestrogen and progesterone to prevent all menopausal symptoms, including weight gain.

Organic Liquorice Root tea for fat burning

If you want to tackle weight gain, you need to make sure your metabolism is in shape. Keeping your metabolism healthy is crucial because it allows continual fat-burning before, during, and after exercise.

Fortunately, drinking just one cup of liquorice root tea per day is enough to effectively boost your metabolism and encourage fat burning and weight loss – even when you don't exercise!

Liquorice root can boost metabolism

Liquorice root has a high concentration of aldosterone. In a 2011 study, this is proven to help increase your metabolism and help with fat burning. Aldosterone changes the way your body processes and metabolises glucose. More effective metabolisms burn fat and process glucose, turning it into energy rather than storing it as fat.

Having liquorice root helps ensure your body is effectively converting sugar into energy, not fat.

Because the liquorice root changes how your body processes sugar and fat, it can boost your metabolism even when you don't exercise. Drinking a cup of liquorice root tea every day can increase cell turnover, encourage a faster metabolism and burn existing fat cells while you're sitting down.

Liquorice root tea also contains lots of flavonoids that can help to reduce fat cells by regulating enzyme activity. The enzymes help to break down fat cells that are already stored.

The fats are then moved into the bloodstream and processed by your liver and removed from the body. Read:

Liquorice tea might help suppress appetite

An additional benefit of adding liquorice root tea to your diet is that some studies show it can help suppress your appetite. The plant has a very strong taste which can literally put you off your food even if you like the taste.

The strong taste of liquorice and the roots naturally-occurring dietary fibres help to suppress appetite cravings and reduce overall body fat. Research published in Journal of Endocrinological Investigation found it effective at reducing cravings that people who had liquorice root every day saw a 4% reduction in body fat in only a few weeks.

The root is high in dietary fibre and nutrients, which tricks your body into feeling full. The fibres help with digestion, so your body wants to concentrate on digesting the food you've already eaten and tells your brain not to eat anything else until you've finished digesting.

If you’re looking to lose weight and you haven’t reached menopause yet,read:

What is the best herbal remedy to stop menopausal weight gain?

Because menopausal weight gain is caused by fluctuating hormones, the best way to prevent it is to balance your hormones. Herbal teas that include papaya, Burdock root, and Ashwagandha root can help regulate your hormones and stop menopausal weight gain.


Liquorice root contains a compound that helps boost your metabolism, so you process sugar into energy rather than fat. This leads to ongoing weight loss. There is also evidence that the fibres and intense taste of liquorice help suppress your appetite and reduce body fat by around 4%.

Fenugreek may increase strength and muscle mass

One of the reasons women gain weight is because of a loss of muscle mass. Therefore, another great way to beat the middle-age weight gain caused by menopause is to focus on your muscles. Thankfully, Fenugreek powder may be a great aid to improve muscle strength. Read:

Amino acids for muscles

Fenugreek powder has a mix of amino acids, which studies show can trigger your body to maintain and repair muscle tissue. As you age and your muscles break down, making sure you have strong, lean muscles is crucial for overall fitness and weight loss.

When you hit menopause, your muscles just don't work in the way they used to. They are less bulky and less effective. This means that every time you exercise, it isn't as effective at toning your muscles as you might think.

Fenugreek powder is proven to help restore muscle health and improve muscle mass. As you age, this can be used to help maintain muscle strength to ensure you can exercise the same way you did several years ago.

Fenugreek powder contains essential amino acids, including lysine and methionine, which can help improve muscle strength. This means better workouts, more fat burning, and less weight gain. The amino acids are particularly beneficial because they encourage lean muscle tissue, not bulky muscles. You'll be slim and trim rather than looking like a bodybuilder!

Fenugreek helps your body to use naturally produced testosterone to create lean muscles. As your oestrogen levels drop and testosterone is more prevalent in your body, Fenugreek is a great way to ensure your body stays fit and healthy rather than gaining weight.

Tackling excess testosterone

Some women find that as testosterone becomes more prevalent, their muscles get larger and bulkier. Fenugreek sends messages to your brain, so your body knows how to use the testosterone and prevent this from happening.

Furthermore, Fenugreek powder can encourage your muscles to release glycogen after exercise. This means your muscles can work for longer without getting tired, leading to increased endurance during exercise.

If you've ever seen an endurance athlete with long, lean limbs, that's the effect Fenugreek can have. Since your muscles will be stronger, you will find working out more leisurely, and your body will be more toned.

Does menopause tea help with weight loss before menopause?

If you are approaching menopause, struggling with unbalanced hormones or find yourself gaining weight during your period, you can use menopause teas to help you. Menopause teas help with hormone regulation, so anyone who menstruates can take herbal teas to help with hormone-related weight gain and other symptoms.


Fenugreek powder can help your muscles repair and recover after exercise. This can increase endurance and help build long, lean, strong muscles rather than bulky muscles. Your body will focus on retaining muscles strength rather than storing fat, meaning you have both better muscles and less fat.


Menopausal weight gain is almost inevitable. As your hormones change, your body will also change.

However, there are steps you can take to minimise any weight gain. Hormone balancing ingredients such as papaya and Ashwagandha can help to stabilise your hormones and prevent you from gaining weight.

Look for metabolism-boosting ingredients like liquorice root if you've already noticed some additional weight around your stomach and belly. You should also make sure you maintain your muscles with natural remedies such as Fenugreek.


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