How can I balance my hormones naturally during menopause?

Finding a way to naturally balance your hormones during menopause can help reduce symptoms and shorten menopause. I know that balancing my hormones using herbal remedies made menopause much easier for me.

When your hormones fluctuate during menopause, it can affect your mood, weight, body temperature, skin and more. Herbal teas such as green tea, hormone balance tea, Fenugreek powder, and burdock root can balance your hormones.

If you aren’t sure if you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance, check out this article first to understand the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

It might sound like a lot of work, but balancing your hormones is easier than it sounds. And luckily for you, I’ve found out the best ways to balance your hormones during menopause naturally. Check it out!

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Hormone balance tea Équilibre for natural hormone control

One way to naturally balance your hormones during menopause is to use herbs and plants with naturally hormone-balancing properties. The Hormone Balance Tea Équilibre is a blend of ingredients designed to help control oestrogen levels and ensure your endocrine system is healthy throughout menopause.

The Hormone Balance Tea Équilibre can help stimulate your endocrine system to manage hormone levels naturally. It contains ingredients like Papaya, Burdock root, and liquorice to manage hormones naturally.

The ingredient of the tea blend that helps control hormones is papaya. Papaya works by naturally boosting the amount of human growth hormone (HGH) while you sleep. HGH is tied to oestrogen levels, so naturally stimulating HGH helps balance oestrogen levels as well.

The hormone balance tea also contains burdock root, which helps balance hormones by boosting your liver. Your liver is responsible for metabolising your hormones and breaking down hormones. When your liver isn’t functioning correctly, you may get a build-up of hormones. Burdock root stimulates your liver to effectively break down hormones, ensuring your hormone levels are naturally balanced.

Burdock root also contains phytoestrogens which act like oestrogen, naturally boosting oestrogen levels in your body and helps to manage menopause symptoms.

Liquorice root also contains phytoestrogens to help control oestrogen levels. Furthermore, liquorice root contains a compound called isoliquiritigenin which stops excess oestrogen flooding the body, thereby naturally balancing oestrogen levels. 

Liquorice can boost oestrogen in women of all ages but this study found it particularly beneficial for perimenopausal women.

If you want to add another great natural ingredient for hormone imbalance to your diet, you could also try adding beetroot powder to smoothies. You can learn more about how beetroot can help balance hormones in this article.


Some plants and herbs can naturally help control your hormone levels. Consuming a herbal tea blend with hormone-balancing ingredients can ensure your body regulates hormone levels. Burdock root, liquorice root and papaya are excellent for balancing hormones.

Green tea for natural insulin hormone balancing

To help regulate hormones naturally, you need to ensure your insulin levels are correct. Luckily, green tea can be a natural way to regulate insulin levels and control your hormones.

Insulin is the hormone responsible for controlling your blood sugar level. When your blood sugar level is raised, your body stops worrying about other hormones and focuses on insulin production to lower your blood sugar.

Ensuring your insulin levels are balanced is the first step to naturally balancing other hormones by allowing your body to stop worrying about blood sugar levels.

Green tea contains natural plant polyphenols that help with blood sugar levels and insulin levels to ensure good health. With balanced insulin levels, your body will start to regulate other hormones. The additional antioxidant benefits of green tea help ensure your body is healthy and can regulate hormones effectively.

Research like this study from 2018 shows that green tea can be used during and after menopause to control blood sugar effectively and insulin levels to keep your body naturally balanced. By ensuring you have the right amount of insulin, your body will naturally regulate hormones more effectively, allowing the right amount of hormones to enter your bloodstream.

The plant polyphenols and catechins in green tea can also help by boosting oestrogen levels and binding with oestrogen receptors to help your body effectively manage hormone production.

When you drink green tea, you give your body a natural health boost, encouraging your body to manage hormones better, so you don’t have to worry about hormone imbalance. To learn more about green tea and find the best green tea in Australia, you can read this article.


When your blood sugar is high, your body produces insulin to treat the problem. This means it stops focusing on other hormones. Therefore, ensuring your insulin levels are normal allows your body to focus on balancing your other hormones. Green tea contains polyphenols and catechins that help with insulin sensitivity, allowing your body to regulate your other hormones naturally.

Fenugreek powder for testosterone control

Testosterone levels naturally decline over time, but during menopause, they drop suddenly, causing fatigue, low mood and muscles weakness. You can take Fenugreek powder during menopause to help naturally balance testosterone levels.

Low testosterone in menopausal women can impact your sex drive, mood, energy levels, and a sudden loss of muscle strength. To balance your hormones during menopause, you will need to boost testosterone levels naturally.

Fenugreek is so effective that research suggests it can increase levels of testosterone naturally by around 50%. Specifically, Fenugreek contains a saponin called protodioscin, which has been proven to increase testosterone naturally.

The saponins promote testosterone by blocking enzymes like aromatase. These enzymes use testosterone to make other hormones. So, by blocking this enzyme using fenugreek powder, you can naturally boost testosterone levels in your body.

With less testosterone being used to make other hormones, your body will be able to use your natural testosterone levels to help keep muscle mass and ensure you feel more energetic.

Another rather fun reason to use Fenugreek to boost testosterone is that it will increase your libido as well! For more wonderful benefits of Fenugreek powder, read this article.


Fenugreek can naturally boost testosterone levels to balance hormones during menopause by blocking specific enzymes. Fenugreek stops enzymes from using testosterone to make other hormones, thereby reducing the level of other hormones and increasing the amount of testosterone for a balance of hormones.

Ashwagandha for progesterone

During menopause, the hormone that decreases most noticeably is progesterone. Ashwagandha helps boost your progesterone levels because it affects your endocrine system to balance hormones during menopause.

During menopause, your progesterone levels drop so low because you are no longer fertile or having a period. As progesterone drops, you might experience hot flushes, mood swings and, during perimenopause, infrequent but intense periods.

You can naturally boost your progesterone levels to help manage these menopause symptoms with Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha can also help lower cortisol levels and therefore balance progesterone.

The herb Ashwagandha has been used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to boost progesterone levels. When consumed, Ashwagandha acts on the endocrine system. This system controls how hormones are distributed in your bloodstream and how much of each hormone is in your body.

Cortisol can naturally lower progesterone so, by stimulating your endocrine system to release less cortisol, your body can make the most of its natural progesterone.

Studies like this one from earlier this year proved that by enabling the endocrine system to allow more progesterone into your bloodstream, you can naturally balance your hormone levels to minimise menopause symptoms.

Ashwagandha has been used for centuries to help with female hormones. If you want to discover more about how Ashwagandha can help with other fertility and hormone issues, check out this article.


Ashwagandha stimulates your endocrine system to lower cortisol levels and increase progesterone levels naturally. Increasing your progesterone can help manage menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, mood swings and irregular menstrual cycles.

Other ways to balance hormones during menopause

Naturally balancing your hormones can help relieve menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings, acne and irregular menstrual cycles. You can use a variety of natural methods to balance hormones during menopause.

Besides herbal teas, here are some other common ways to balance your hormones.

Change your diet to naturally maintain hormone levels

Many animal products and by-products contain hormones from animals, contributing to a hormone imbalance in humans. By changing your diet, you can help your body naturally regulate hormone levels.

Foods such as dairy, red meat, alcohol and coffee can negatively impact your health by causing a hormonal imbalance. You can change your diet to include more healthy fats from foods like avocados, seeds, and nuts to help manage blood sugar and insulin, contributing to balanced hormones.

Diet has such a huge impact on our hormones, multiple studies have looked into what is the best diet to balance hormones. Other good foods to add to your diet during menopause for hormone balance include beetroot, salad, vegetables and fruit. 

You should also avoid overly-processed foods and sugar, which can cause a hormone imbalance. Eating too much sugar can cause a spike in blood sugar and a spike in insulin.

This prevents your body from regulating your hormones naturally and can cause a build-up or a sudden drop in other hormones.

Making these small and easy substitutes to your diet can manage your hormones during menopause.

Regular activity to manage excess hormones

Another natural way to balance your menopausal hormones is to ensure you exercise regularly.

Exercise is like a kickstart to your endocrine system. Regular exercise helps stimulate hormone production by managing insulin, lowering cortisol and increasing serotonin.

When you exercise, your body is energised and stimulated to regulate hormone levels naturally. Exercising every day is proven to help lower your stress levels by stopping the production of cortisol. With less cortisol in your system, your body can produce more other hormones.

This 2019 study found that not only does daily exercise help balance hormones, it can also help improve the muscle mass of menopausal women who are losing muscle tone.

Furthermore, exercise helps increase levels of serotonin, the feel-good hormone. When this hormone is elevated, your body works extra hard to regulate other hormones to keep more serotonin in your system, leading to better hormone management.

The result is balanced hormones leading to less weight gain, fewer mood swings and increased sex drive. If menopausal weight gain is a concern, you can find out more about losing weight during menopause in this article.

Get some sleep for nightly hormone regulation

Another way to naturally manage your hormones is to ensure you get enough sleep.

Sleep is your body’s chance to recover and maintain normal functions. When you don’t sleep enough, your body can’t function efficiently, resulting in a hormonal imbalance. Ensuring you sleep well can help make sure your body can regulate hormone levels without aid.

At night, your body naturally produces the human growth hormone (HGH), which helps repair your body and encourage general cell health. With more HGH, your body can effectively produce other hormones to manage your hormones naturally.

If you struggle to sleep at night or find you wake up at night, you can try using herbal remedies to improve your sleep. This article has lots of information about the best herbal teas to help you fall asleep and can help you solve your sleep problem naturally.

Stay hydrated to flush out excess hormones

When you don’t drink enough water and are dehydrated, your body can’t function properly.

Drinking water and staying hydrated helps flush toxins out of your body. A build-up of toxins can stop your pituitary and adrenal glands from functioning correctly. This puts your hormones out of balance.

When you are hydrated, your metabolism is boosted, and your liver is more effective. It allows your body to remove and break down excess hormones and become balanced. This study from early 2020 looks into how hydration and hormone balance are interlinked.

Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated. It would be best if you aimed to drink around two litres every day.

If you struggle to drink water, herbal teas can help you stay hydrated while providing additional benefits for hormone balancing.

To discover the full effect of herbal teas and how they can be hydrating and provide additional benefits, you could use a tea programme. This will give you the option to try multiple herbal teas as well as stay hydrated and experience a range of benefits.

The Black Leaves Energise Me 28-day Vitality can promote better digestion, improve your skin, make sure you get enough water and boost your mood.


Other natural ways to control your hormones during menopause include getting enough sleep, changing your diet and exercising regularly. You should make sure you are drinking enough water to flush out toxins and ensure your body is functions properly.


During menopause, hormonal imbalance is common and can make menopause symptoms worse. Balancing your hormones naturally can help minimise menopause symptoms and leave you feeling your best. ­

Drinking herbal teas with naturally hormone-balancing properties can give your body the boost it needs to regulate your hormones.

Green tea can help ensure your insulin levels are correct, while Ashwagandha helps with progesterone. Fenugreek powder can manage testosterone levels, while some tea blends help manage hormones with ingredients like papaya, liquorice and burdock root.

Other ways to naturally control hormones include staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, adapting your diet and exercising regularly.