Beetroot Hormone Imbalances

When experiencing a hormone imbalance, I tried many natural remedies to find out what suited me most. Thankfully, I was delighted to discover that including beetroot in my diet could help to restore my hormones to healthy levels.

Beetroot can remove built-up hormones in your bowel and liver by metabolising estrogen. There is also evidence that beetroot can lower stress hormone levels and boost libido.

I will now show you the ways beetroot can help balance your hormones, as well as some of the additional benefits, including ideas of how to add beetroot to your diet.

Beetroot Powder - Organic

Vitamin C in beetroot can help when your hormones are imbalanced

Firstly, beetroot can help lower the stress hormones, which is cortisol, when they are imbalanced.

When life is super busy, or you have a deadline coming up, you may have raised cortisol levels. However, according to the scientists who conducted this study, mankind (or womankind) lost the ability to naturally synthesise Vitamin C, so we may have a weakened stress response during evolution.

Therefore, having Vitamin C in your diet is a natural way to lower the cortisol we produce during times of stress or fright.

A cup full of fresh beetroot or a teaspoon of the powder contains around 4.9 mg of Vitamin C, which forms part of your recommended daily intake (RDI) of Vitamin C. Therefore, when consumed regularly, beetroot can balance your cortisol hormones.

Another study shows how vitamin C decreases the circulation of cortisol and another well-known stress hormone, adrenaline, in athletes. High levels of these hormones can harm our bodies by elevating blood pressure and putting unnecessary stress on organs.

Vitamin C is also an effective antioxidant, which is good news for your body. Antioxidants work to fight excess free radicals. Free radicals are naturally occurring, and our body usually deals with them.

However, as we age, they can increase. When free radicals go unchecked, they can attack our healthy molecules to cause oxidative stress, making our bodies age faster.

As you can see, vitamin C is an all-around health tonic and consuming beetroot is one of the effective ways of delivering the vitamin to your body for lowering stress hormones and restoring an imbalance.


The vitamin C in beetroot could regulate an imbalance of the stress hormone cortisol. Beetroot is high in vitamin C, which can lower cortisol levels and restore balance. Regularly consuming beetroot can be a safe and natural way for your body to absorb some of the recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin C.

Beetroot can help you poop

Beetroot can help you poop and prevent a build-up of hormones

Chronic constipation can cause toxins and hormones to accumulate in your bowel. Helpfully, beetroot can clear your colon and give you a much-needed cleanout, preventing a build-up of hormones.

When you can't poop, toxins and hormones are cycled back into your body, leading to an excess of estrogen. High estrogen levels or estrogen dominance in women can cause a hormone imbalance.

Estrogen dominance can present as weight gain, mood swings, fatigue, hair loss or loss of sex drive. It can also put you at a higher risk of contracting breast or ovarian cancer.

As a high-fibre vegetable, beetroot can help you poop, clear excess toxins and potentially dangerous levels of the hormone estrogen from your bowel. Two raw beets can give you up to 18% of your daily requirement of essential fibre and restore your imbalanced hormones.

According to Bowel Health WA recommends, we should aim to poop between 3 times a week to 3 times a day. It won't be hard for you to achieve the goal with beetroot. More fibre in your diet means regular bowel movements, and it with a reduced risk of bowel (or colon) cancer.

If you are a regular consumer of beetroot, you will know that beetroot can change the colour of your poop and urine. Do not be alarmed if the toilet looks red after drinking a beetroot smoothie!

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Constipation can prevent toxins and estrogen from exiting your bowel. When the toxins and hormones are not expelled as part of a regular bowel movement, estrogen re-enters your body causing hormone imbalances. Beetroot contains some essential fibre required in a balanced diet, restoring imbalance hormones.

Beetroot can rid your liver of toxins

Beetroot can rid your liver of toxins to restore your hormone imbalance

Beetroot can help remove toxins from your liver when you feel unwell and have hormone imbalance symptoms. A beetroot detox could be just the thing to restore your vigour.

When you have overindulged in fatty food or alcohol or taken certain medications, toxins build up in your liver. It means your liver could suffer from oxidative stress, stopping estrogen from exiting your body. When this occurs, it causes a hormone imbalance.

Consuming beetroot can be a safe and natural way to cleanse your liver of toxins when your hormones are imbalanced. Beetroot juice is high in the active ingredient betalains, which reactivate enzymes to remove excess estrogen and restore balance.

This study shows how beetroot is beneficial in treating oxidative stress. Beetroot contains potent antioxidants (betalains), which have been found to have many benefits for health and wellbeing, including liver complaints.

Furthermore, beetroot ticks all the boxes when it comes to liver health.

When women are between 40 – 50, reduced blood flow to the liver can occur during menopause, making you more susceptible to poor liver health. Thankfully, beetroot can help to restore pre-menopausal blood flow and improve your liver health.

If you are not sure whether a hormone imbalance causes your symptoms, you can read further in this article.


Consuming beetroot is a safe way to cleanse your liver to rid your body of toxins that build up due to poor liver health. Beetroot can rebalance hormones to restore normal blood flow.

Other benefits of Beets on women's health

The benefits of beetroot appear to be never-ending! What if I told you it could spice up your sex life, heighten your mood, and make your skin and hair glow simultaneously!

Let me show you just how amazing this vegetable is.

Beetroot can increase your flagging libido and improve your sex life

Beetroot increase libido

If you no longer feel like having sex, you could need a boron boost. Thankfully, beetroot has high boron levels, which can help improve your sex life by increasing your flagging libido.

Boron is naturally found in some fruits and vegetables, including beetroot. It is also available as a dietary supplement. When consumed as part of a balanced diet, boron can have many benefits, including boosting your libido.

Boron found in beetroot can boost the production of sex hormones in women, such as estrogen, progesterone, and a small amount of testosterone. According to studies, regularly consuming beet can metabolise estrogen and testosterone levels.

According to studies, taking boron supplements can help increase testosterone levels in post-menopausal women, boosting libido. Another study also found that post-menopausal women given testosterone supplements experienced sexual desire more frequently.

While the scientists reported some side effects on the use of testosterone supplements, the levels of boron in beetroot should not give you any cause for concern.

Increasing flagging libido is not the only benefit of boron.

It is also vital for bone health and short-term memory loss improvements. Therefore, absorbing boron through consuming beetroot can be a holistic way to keep your body healthy, from your head down to your toes!

Beetroot could help you lose weight

When experiencing a hormone imbalance during menopause, weight gain is one annoying side effect. The healthy fibre provided by beetroot in your diet can help you lose weight.

Beetroot could help you lose weight because it is a delicious substitute for higher fat or carbohydrate food options. 100 ml of beetroot juice only contains 35 calories, and it is full of the nutrients nitrate, betanin and folate. This powerhouse combination can benefit your health and help flatten your belly.

According to Deakin University, beetroot is not only great weight-loss food, but it also enables you to exercise longer and harder when consumed before working out! Just think how quickly your weight could drop off if you were also exercising to your full potential!

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Beetroot may improve your mood caused by hormone imbalance

When your hormones are imbalanced, you can experience mood fluctuations. If you feel like you are on top of the world one moment and down the next, you may need some beetroot to improve your outlook.

Beetroot can improve your mood as it is rich in magnesium, betaine, and the amino acid tryptophan. These ingredients can help to boost the levels of serotonin which is the hormone that stimulates our moods, allows us to sleep and regulates our appetite.

Serotonin levels can play a significant role in regulating mood and cognition, promoting higher-order brain function. According to this study, manipulating tryptophan levels can modify or boost serotonin levels.

Beetroot may be your hair and skin's best friend

Beetroot hair

Limp hair and dull skin can show that you are experiencing a hormone imbalance. Beetroot could be the answer if you have struggled to achieve that outer glow lately.

If you have dull skin, the antioxidants in beetroot can eliminate toxins and change your appearance. To get the best results, consume beetroot as a juice or sprinkle it on your salads. When used as a face mask or hair mask, it can hydrate your skin and hair in no time.

Apply beetroot to your face mixed with equal amounts of honey and milk to hydrate dry or itchy skin. If your lips need some colour, rub some beetroot juice for a natural tone.

Hair loss can be another issue as you reach menopause. Don't despair! When mixed with coffee grounds, you can apply beetroot juice to your hair to strengthen hair follicles and give you some funky highlights.

If you would like to get more information about symptoms of hormone imbalances, check out this article.


Beetroot can be a holistic solution to many of the issues women face with hormone imbalances. Women going through menopause can reach for beetroot when they feel low, need a boost to their libido, or wish to change the appearance of their dull skin or thinning hair.

How to use beetroot to balance hormones naturally

Beetroot is a delicious addition to any meal to help you balance hormones naturally. Whether you like it sliced up on a burger or roasted in a salad, you can consume the natural goodness in beetroot in many ways.

Here are some serving suggestions that you can try.

Eat beets raw or cooked

Beetroot is a versatile vegetable, and they are delicious raw, grated in a salad, or cooked and roasted as part of a hot meal. It is important not to boil them too much as this can deplete essential nutrients.

Pickle beetroot

If you have an excess of beets from your garden or love the taste of pickled vegetables, beetroot can be perfect pickled and stored in the fridge for burgers or salads. Freshly pickled beetroot is so much more flavorful and healthier than the tinned variety.

Make beetroot dips

Beetroot can be used as the main ingredient in your favourite dip. It not only looks impressive, but it tastes delicious. To make a tasty dip, beetroot can be steamed and pureed with cream cheese or low-fat yoghurt.

Drink beetroot juice

It is a great idea to drink fresh beetroot juice, which accompanies fruits and vegetables such as oranges, celery, apple, carrot, and fresh herbs. It may give your morning juice another aspect.

It is also good to drink before going for a walk to help your metabolism.

Use beetroot powder

If you don't have access to fresh beetroot or want something more convenient, try Black Leaves Organic Beetroot Powder.

The powder has the same benefits as a garden-fresh beet without the peeling. Sprinkle it on your salads, add it to your smoothies, or mix it in with your cooking.

Additionally, you can also take the powder anywhere and use it when you are out for a quick pick-me-up.


Beetroot is a truly versatile vegetable. To help with your hormone imbalance, it can be consumed in a variety of ways, from a crunchy salad ingredient to a delicious creamy dip. If you want to increase your metabolism, simply drink it as juice.


When looking for a super-food that delivers, beetroot really does! Consuming beetroot is a natural and safe way to improve your health when you are going through menopause and experiencing fluctuations in hormones.

Not too many vegetables could claim to do what the humble beet does. Next time you walk the vegetable aisle at the supermarket, make the beetroot your first stop. The ways you can incorporate beetroot into your diet are numerous and varied.

If fresh beetroot is not your jam, try some beetroot powder instead. You can achieve the same delicious results by using the powder. Whatever you decide is best for you, I'm sure you will find that you can't beat the benefits of beets.