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As a powerful antioxidant used by women around the world to help with weight loss, Blue Spirulina is the world’s latest health craze. This extract can help to boost your metabolism, make your workouts more effective, increase muscle mass, and supports a healthy cardiovascular system to keep your body healthy during exercise.

As well as helping with weight loss, Blue Spirulina has a range of other benefits, including helping to slow the aging process and it can boost your immune system.

The algae that make up Blue Spirulina is thought to be one of the oldest life forms on the planet. It’s been used by the Aztecs, Romans, and the Egyptians. Read on to learn more about how Blue Spirulina can help you lose weight and keep you in your best shape.

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What is Blue Spirulina?

To understand what Blue Spirulina is, you need to know a bit about traditional spirulina. Spirulina (Athrospira platensis or cyanobacteria) is a form of dried and ground algae.

What does Blue Spirulina taste like?

Blue Spirulina is a concentrated extract, so it has very little taste. The somewhat fishy, salty taste of Blue Spirulina is much less potent and is added to other foods; you can barely taste it. The smell and taste of Blue Spirulina is very mild.

The algae are extracted, dried up, and ground into a powder used in loads of superfoods and smoothies for their health benefits. The main component that makes it so healthy is something called phycocyanin. This is a special and very potent antioxidant which is also what gives the algae their blue-green colour.

Blue Spirulina is when phycocyanin is extracted from the algae. This makes Blue Spirulina the purest, most concentrated form of spirulina powder. Unlike most blue foods, which need artificial colouring, Blue Spirulina is naturally blue.

So Blue Spirulina is more concentrated in antioxidants. The best part? It doesn't have a strong salty and fishy taste.

What are the benefits of Blue Spirulina?

Blue Spirulina can help:

  • Boost metabolism
  • Encourage muscle growth
  • Improve endurance
  • Keep your heart healthy
  • Boost your immune system
So you can feel and look your best.


Blue Spirulina is made by extracting the phycocyanin from the algae used to make traditional spirulina. Blue Spirulina is a highly concentrated antioxidant and is a superfood.

Blue Spirulina can help with weight loss

The main reason why so many women are turning to Blue Spirulina is that it has incredible weight loss properties.

Firstly, spirulina is high in vital nutrients and minerals, making it very healthy without calories. This means that adding Blue Spirulina to your diet won't increase your calorie intake.

Blue Spirulina is high in vitamins and minerals, including:

  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B.

This means it can be used as a supplement for a healthy diet while maintaining weight loss. Read:

Blue Spirulina improves metabolism

Evidence shows that one of the ways Blue Spirulina can help with weight loss is to give your metabolism a boost.

During a study, people who took just 6gm of spirulina a day showed an increased metabolism compared to those who didn't supplement with Blue Spirulina.

Increased metabolism means your body can burn fat more effectively, leading to more significant weight loss, more toned muscles, and more energy after a workout.

The study went on to say that the increased metabolism helped people burn fat for longer after finishing a workout. Your body will be burning fat and calories even when you've sat down.

The conclusion was that the metabolism boost from spirulina powder can help increase fat burning and boost weight loss over a more extended period of time, leading to a generally healthy, slimmer life. Read:

Where does Blue Spirulina come from?

Blue Spirulina is made by extracting a protein called phycocyanin from the algae used to make spirulina. The protein is blue-green in colour and is a natural antioxidant that is used in health foods and smoothies as a superfood.

Blue Spirulina contributes to optimal performance

Blue Spirulina also helps with weight loss by making every single workout more effective.

Firstly, it can give you an energy boost thanks to the high vitamin C concentration.

People who take spirulina supplements before gym are generally less tired after the workout and are able to push harder during exercise. This means that every workout is a good workout. 

Furthermore, some evidence suggests that Blue Spirulina can help improve endurance levels.

In a study, people who took Blue Spirulina extract before working out were able to exercise for longer, push through mental barriers and try harder during their workout.

Pushing your limits can help you lose weight as your body adjusts to new muscles and endurance levels and burns fat to support your new energy levels.

Secondly, Blue Spirulina can even boost your muscles and help with muscle recovery and growth, leading to better toning and muscle definition.

If you want to tighten your tummy or get rid of those flabby arms, Blue Spirulina powder could be just the ingredient you need.

Studies show that spirulina can help build muscles and that increased muscle strength means better endurance.

You'll be able to lift heavier weights and work out for longer!

When should I take Blue Spirulina for weight loss?

If you plan to work out or exercise, try to take the Blue Spirulina around an hour before working out. This will give you maximum weight loss benefits. On days when you aren’t working out, take some in the morning to give your body a boost in the day.


Spirulina is used as a supplement to help aid weight loss because it can help boost your metabolism. Better metabolism means your body burns more fat for longer. It's super low in calories but high in nutrients, making it great for people on a diet. It can also increase muscle mass to help with toning.

Blue Spirulina may be good for your heart

Blue Spirulina is also good at helping keep your heart healthy. If you plan to lose weight and exercise more often, ensuring you have a healthy heart is very important. 

People who aren't used to exercising may develop heart conditions that might cause severe problems if left untreated.

Adding Blue Spirulina to your diet can help prevent heart disease and keep blood pressure down. 

Spirulina can help the body produce nitric oxide, which can help keep blood vessels open. This not only reduces blood pressure but also reduces stress on the heart, meaning you can exercise without worrying.

Blue Spirulina can help your body maintain normal blood pressure. It can also help to lower LDL cholesterol levels. The antioxidants help with the absorption of fat, which keeps it from travelling around in the bloodstream.

By reducing blood pressure, your heart can evenly move blood through the body with less resistance, thereby keeping your heart healthier for longer. When your heart is stressed, it can lead to heart failure or heart disease.

If you are trying to lose weight, keeping your heart healthy will increase how much you can exercise and work out without having heart problems.

How much Blue Spirulina can I take daily?

You should aim for up to 3gm of Blue Spirulina per day to get the benefits consistently. You can have up to 10gm a day without any negative side effects.


Adding Blue Spirulina to your diet can help reduce stress on the heart by lowering blood pressure. Blue Spirulina can help widen blood vessels, keep your cardiovascular system healthy, and reduce heart disease risk.

Other health benefits of Blue Spirulina

Blue Spirulina has anti-inflammatory properties

One reason people love adding Blue Spirulina to their diet is because of its immune-boosting properties. The phycocyanin is anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, and stimulates the immune system. Read:

The antioxidative properties help ensure all the cells are functioning correctly and can repel minor infections and viruses.

This works in combination with its anti-inflammatory effects, which can help to improve liver function. The liver plays a vital role in removing toxins and harmful substances from the body, which can help you fight off mild illnesses.

Blue Spirulina can help improve liver function, protect cells against damage, and, most importantly, boost white blood cell production. White blood cells help fight diseases and help keep you healthy.

One of the most significant ways Blue Spirulina helps the immune system is that it can encourage your body to produce more white blood cells. These cells help fight viruses and infections, such as the flu, colds, and herpes.

Moreover, it can also stimulate the production of antibodies, which means your body will be more effective at fighting off diseases in the future. With more antibodies in your blood, you can fight illnesses more effectively, and you'll get fewer symptoms. So even if you do get ill, it won't be so bad!

Blue Spirulina may have antioxidant properties

Phycocyanin, the compound that makes up Blue Spirulina, is a powerful antioxidant. It has a curious effect that is incredibly rare. Unlike most antioxidants which can identify and destroy free radicals, thereby protecting cells, phycocyanin has scavenger properties. This means it actively searches for free radicals and toxins in the body, making it even more effective.

Damaged cells can become susceptible to illnesses such as cancer, meaning Blue Spirulina has some benefits for protecting against cancers. Keeping cells healthy and strong against diseases will make your body look younger and healthier, inside and out!

By protecting your cells from pollution, chemicals, stress, toxins, smoking, and more, the antioxidants in Blue Spirulina give your body the push it needs to stay healthy.

When exercising and trying to lose weight, Blue Spirulina can be used to ensure the rest of your body remains in shape and loses weight effectively and healthily without relying on crash diets or fake detox products.

There is also some protein in Blue Spirulina powder that can protect brain cells from other damage.

The proteins can ensure your grey matter is in its best shape. By keeping your brain cells healthy and functioning properly, Blue Spirulina can protect against age-related neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Is Blue Spirulina naturally blue?

Yes! Although blue doesn't occur very often in nature, the pigment that makes the powder blue is naturally occurring. All Blue Spirulina powder is entirely natural. The scientific word for Blue Spirulina is phycocyanin. And the word cyan means blue!


Other health benefits of Blue Spirulina include keeping your immune system healthy and, as a powerful antioxidant, Blue Spirulina can help protect cells against damage. By protecting cells from toxins and free radicals, Blue Spirulina can help prevent fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and dull skin. It can also help protect from the inside by preventing Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease as well as other minor illnesses.


Blue Spirulina is an extract of traditional spirulina.

It is extremely potent and full of antioxidants. Moreover, Blue Spirulina is super-low in calories which makes it the perfect supplement for anyone looking to lose weight. It can be used to support a balanced diet, and it can help you stay healthy without gaining weight.

In addition, scientific studies show that people who add Blue Spirulina to their diet have better metabolisms, a lower risk of heart disease, and look younger for longer. It can help you improve your endurance for more effective workouts and keeps your heart healthy, so you can exercise for many years to come. Blue Spirulina powder can be added to smoothies and juices to boost health benefits.