Lavender Tea - Organic

  • ✔ Combats insomnia
  • ✔ Improves sleep quality
  • ✔ Lower stress
  • ✔ Reduces anxiety and depression

Weight: 50g
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Is stress wearing you down? Take a moment out of your busy day just for yourself.

Organic Lavender Tea relaxes from the first scent of its floral aroma. Sipping it, you feel the worries of the world melting away.

A sense of calmness envelops you. Another cup before bedtime soothes and settles. Sleep comes more quickly and it is deeper and more restful. You awake the following morning feeling better than you have felt for a long time.

Drinking 3 cups of this delightfully aromatic tea a day will soon have you rested and sleeping soundly. Sweet Dreams.

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Organic Lavender Flowers (Lavandula)

Lavender contains flavonoids, triterpenoids, tannins, coumarins, and essential oils with camphor, geraniol and linalool, which work on the nervous system to relieve anxiety, calm nerves and promote a better night’s sleep.

Linalool (which is an anxiolytic) has a calming effect on the nervous system and unlike prescription drugs, such as benzodiazepines, it does not impede our movements or restrict what we are able to do. Furthermore, it rejuvenates the nervous system and is said to regulate the levels of stress hormones your body produces.

The minerals zinc and potassium in lavender tea are also well-known for their anti-insomnia properties. Potassium influences the duration of your sleep and helps to regulate the sleep/wake cycle, while adequate levels of zinc support longer sleep.

Perhaps counting to 10 in a stressful situation helps to calm you, but why take the chance when a nice aromatic cup of lavender tea is scientifically proven to dissolve your stress, and promote a better night’s sleep. 

Keep some lavender tea at work for those moments when a deep breath won’t suffice.


For anxiety and depression, you can start your day with a cup and then have another one in the early afternoon.

For insomnia, or simply to get a restful night’s sleep, drink some half an hour before going to bed, and be sure to inhale the aroma as the scent of lavender is also a relaxant.

  • Make it irresistibly sweet and sugar-free with our Organic Stevia Leaf.
  • Safe for babies and children. 
  • Do not exceed three cups per day.

Pouch: 50g, 30+ servings

Wholesale Pouch: 250g, 150+ servings

    Made in Australia | Drunk by over 200k customers 



    Pregnancy Safe
    Breastfeeding Safe
     Caffeine Free
     Stress and Anxiety
     Improves sleep quality
     Improves Energy Levels
     Decrease Fat Absorption 
     Relieve Bloating
     Suppress Cravings
     Reduce Appetite
     Promote Weight Loss
     Feeling of Fullness
     Nausea and Constipation
     Calming Properties
     Eradicate Cramps
     Fluid Retention
     Healthy Skin
     Supercharge Detox
     Boost Metabolism
     Accelerate Weight Loss
    Post-workout Recovery
    Prevent Muscle Cramps



    Results may differ from person to person. If you are taking prescription medication consult your health care provider prior to using this product. This product is not a food replacement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



    AMOUNT 1 tsp per 200ml



    BREW TIME 5-6 mins






    SERVING  hot / cold

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    Lavender tea is one of few teas that is completely safe for the whole family to drink. Pregnant women can drink it and so can infants.

    However, if you are allergic to lavender, or similar flowering plants, then obviously you should avoid drinking this herbal tea. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include trouble breathing, throat irritation and skin rashes.



    As you might imagine, lavender tea has a distinctive flavour and a delightful, aromatic fragrance. You may detect hints of rosemary and mint in the flavour. Depending on the brand and the blend, some teas may have a woody flavour, while others may taste more floral, or even sweet. 



    In milder cases yes, although always discuss taking yourself off prescribed medications with your doctor. In fact, lavender tea can be used in conjunction with some anti-depressant medications.

    As for insomnia, try the lavender tea before going to the doctor. Why waste money and a trip to the doctors if a natural remedy like lavender tea will do what you need it to?

    Customer Reviews

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    Delicious flavour !

    Great flavour, beautiful smell . Even my kids loved it !

    Organic Lavender Tea

    The order and delivery was perfect! We've been using the Lavender to create a simple syrup for an alcohol free cocktail and the Lavender has turned out exquisite!

    Organic Lavender Tea

    Have been having some great sleep since drinking this tea.. took a bit to get used to the taste but now it's nice

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