8 healthy herbal teas to drink daily


Herbals teas are growing in popularity all around Australia.

Not only is there a wide variety to choose from, but each tea comes with a range of health benefits that could literally change your life.

Many plants and herbs have been used in traditional medicines and remedies for thousands of years, and their properties are well-known.

However, some herbal teas are newer and scientific research is starting to prove how beneficial they can be.

One of the main attractions of herbal teas is weight loss.

Herbal Blend of Hibiscus

Different plants can promote weight loss, boost your metabolism, and help to detox your body.

When used correctly, herbal teas can make a huge difference in your weight loss journey.

We've broken down everything you need to know about the best herbal teas to lose weight and keep the weight off.

We've also made a free Body Detox Guide to help you understand your weight loss journey.  

Goji berry to beat stress eating

Drinking tea made from the Goji berry can help you maintain sustained weight loss and avoid the need for crash dieting.

Goji berries contain compounds that help manage stress levels. Almost 2.5 million Australians suffer from increased stress levels, leading to high blood pressure and obesity.

Goji berries can help combat this effect because they are incredibly nutritious and help ensure your body is functioning correctly. 

By helping your digestive system, liver, kidneys, and heart, you will be able to properly digest the nutrients in food.

Moreover, tea made from Goji berries is full of antioxidants that help fight free radicals and can break down fat cells.

By breaking down fat cells, the tea can help you lose weight and reduce your fat percentage. By drinking the tea daily, your body will be more effective at transforming calories into energy rather than storing them as fat.

Antioxidants are also essential to help fight heart disease and chronic conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol. With lower blood sugar and improved heart health, you will feel more energetic, and your body will be able to use food as an energy source rather than building fat reserves. 


Goji Berries are great at managing stress levels and stopping you from binge eating. The antioxidants also help break down existing fat cells


Green tea to fight belly fat

Green tea is one of the most well-known and well-loved teas when it comes to sustained weight loss.

Green tea is packed full of antioxidants and a substance called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), both of which are proven to increase weight loss, specifically belly and stomach fat.

EGCG makes up to 20% of the tea leaf. When ingested, it spreads throughout the body, reacting with fat cells and breaking them down. 

The naturally-occurring antioxidants help oxidise fat cells and increase the body's ability to convert food into energy rather than fat.

This increased metabolic effect could be sustained long term if you continued to drink green tea regularly.

Improved heart health and more effective fat burning also help prevent dramatic weight fluctuations.

Because your body is functioning more efficiently, your weight will remain more constant rather than changing regularly. 

Green tea also helps improve your heart health by controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels, so when you exercise, your body will feel less sluggish, and you'll burn more calories. 

This faster metabolism helps long-term weight loss because your body won't store food as fat. You'll also feel more energetic and less lethargic.


Drinking green tea can help your body break down fat cells. Research shows it also boosts your metabolism and stabilizes weight fluctuations. 


Rooibos metabolism booster

Rooibos tea contains the active ingredient aspalathin. Scientific research shows that aspalathin helps to inhibit the production of the stress hormone Cortisol.

This hormone is responsible for causing hunger pangs as well as an increased appetite, which results in stress eating.

Cortisol also prevents the breakdown of fat cells, so reducing your body's production of Cortisol helps fight the build-up of fat cells. 

Moreover, research suggests that Rooibos can help balance energy levels and prevents your body from storing fat for the future by converting it into energy.

Therefore, you feel more energetic and won't store so much weight.

Rooibos contains very few tannins, which can prevent the absorption of nutrients. Drinking Rooibos means you have a healthy digestive system, thereby ensuring you properly digest food to be used as energy and help your body function properly, rather than storing food as fat or passing it as waste. 

Rooibos also helps increase the levels of leptin in the body.

Leptin is responsible for signalling to the brain that you have eaten enough. Without leptin, your brain will signal that you need to eat more.

Studies found that drinking Rooibos daily can increase the over levels of leptin, meaning you feel fuller, quicker, and longer.


Rooibos contains an active ingredient that helps control stress eating cravings and fights the build-up of fatty cells. It also helps your body absorb the nutrients it needs without waste. 


Mint tea for improved digestion

Peppermint tea tackles unwanted weight gain in a different way.

The Mentha × Piperita plant contains compounds that can block certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

This means that drinking a cup of mint tea can help you feel more awake and stop you from feeling hungry.

The appetite suppressant compounds act on your brain's nerves, so you just don't want to eat.

Additionally, mint helps to increase the fluids in your stomach and digestive tract.

The fluids mean you process food more quickly, so your body will pass excess food as waste more efficiently.

As well as speeding up and aiding the digestive process, mint tea contains antioxidants to break down fat cells.

Overall, drinking mint tea every day can help you feel more energetic, improve your digestion, and prevent fat storage.

Unusually, mint tea also contains a type of catechin, which increases your average body temperature. An increased body temperature means a boosted metabolism.

You body will be able to convert food to energy and maintaining a higher body temperature rather than storing the food as fat.

The effect is initially short-term, making it a great pre-workout drink. But when consumed regularly, it can have sustained effects over months.


Mint tea aids digestion, ensuring the smooth processing of critical nutrients. It also increases the average body temperature and boosts metabolism.


Hibiscus Tea to breakdown fat cells

Tea made from the Hibiscus Sabdariffa flower is also widely used to reduce fat and promote weight loss.

Like other teas, Hibiscus contains antioxidants that help break down fat cells and boost metabolism. 

By breaking down existing fat cells, Hibiscus tea targets the hip and waist area giving tea drinkers smaller hips and a more defined waist.

However, unlike other teas, Hibiscus is additionally effective at promoting a healthy liver, kidneys, and digestive system.

The antibacterial properties in the tea help fight infection to ensure your body is in top working order.

This helps beat symptoms of overeating, such as bloating, gas, and stomach pain.

Studies show that a healthy digestive system can prevent fat storage because your body processes food correctly, making Hibiscus great for long-term, sustained weight loss. 

In addition, studies have shown that drinking hibiscus tea regularly can help lower blood pressure and improve your liver and kidneys.

This helps to combat fatigue so you'll feel more energetic. With improved overall health, your body will burn more calories and won't build up fat reserves. 

With a properly-functioning digestive system, the risk of obesity is lessened.


Hibiscus tea helps promote a healthy digestive system, preventing fat storage, and boosting the breakdown of existing fatty cells. 


Milk Oolong for all-around weight loss

For those who prefer to keep their tea black, replacing a standard cup of tea or coffee with Jin Xuan tea, otherwise known as Milk Oolong, could make a huge difference.

Oolong tea has been partially oxidised, and studies show that when given to overweight people, it can help fight fat and boost metabolism.

Oolong can help oxidise fat cells meaning your body can break down existing fat cells and shift existing weight. 

The catechins in oolong tea are particularly useful in preventing lipoprotein activity in the pancreas, which means your body can process fats better.

Effectively, this gives you an increased metabolism.  This means you'll have more energy as your body converts food into energy rather than storing it as fat. 

As well as containing antioxidants and nutrients, oolong tea also contains vital minerals such as calcium, potassium, manganese, and magnesium.

This makes it one of the most beneficial teas for your general health. Potassium is essential for binding with sodium in your body and prevents you from experiencing water retention and bloating.


Drinking oolong tea every day has proven to speed up the body's ability to burn fat and break down existing fat cells. 


White tea for fat burning

White tea is also an excellent choice for weight loss because the leaves are picked so young it retains more nutrients than other teas.

Unlike other tea, it also undergoes minimal processing, which could ruin the delicate taste, so there are no added extras, and nothing is removed. 

This makes white tea extra rick in antioxidants such as polyphenols and catechins, which help break down fatty cells and prevent fat storage. 

Other studies show that white tea contains a kind of caffeine, which helps boost your metabolism, meaning you will keep burning fat long after you finish exercising.

An improved metabolism also means you won't store as much fat because your body uses the food for energy and keeping you healthy.

The plus side of this is you also won't get ill so often as your boy will keep you healthy. 

Furthermore, white tea can help lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. This lowers your risk of any heart disease.

With a lower risk of heart disease, you will be able to exercise more efficiently and burn fat more effectively.

Over time, when consumed regularly, this contributes to sustained weight loss.

Summary: White tea has been proven to increase your metabolism and prevent fat storage. 


28-day Teatox for sustained weight loss

As you've seen, there is a whole range of teas that can help combat weight gain and promote a faster metabolism.

Each tea works in a slightly different way, meaning that you should use a combination of teas to get the most benefits. 

Combining teas means that one tea that prevents stress eating can work in conjunction with another type of tea which burns belly fat.

The result is better weight loss results in a shorter period of time.

This can be very confusing as some teas contain caffeine; some should be drunk while pregnant, and some should only be drunk once a day.

To help make it easy for you, we've created the 28-day Teatox programme. This combines several teas which contain a unique blend of ingredient.

Each one has been specially selected to help you lose weight, burn fat, and, most importantly, keep the weight off. 

The teas have been created to help battle the side effects of weight loss, including water retention, bloating, and mood fluctuations.

This means you can safely and effectively use tea to help your weight loss journey without worrying about side effects.

The programme comes with a unique guide to help you understand how the teas work and support you through your weight loss experience. 


Drinking several types of tea can maximise weight loss because you get the best properties of each tea. The 28-day Teatox programme can help burn fat as well as prevent future fat storage.



  1. Is herbal tea good for weight loss?

Many herbal teas are excellent to help you lose weight.

Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, the antioxidants in tea can help breakdown existing fat cells and promote faster weight loss than dieting alone.

Drinking herbal teas every day can also help promote a healthy immune system and digestive system, both of which are crucial for maintaining steady weight loss. 

Different types of herbal tea are effective in different ways, so you may want to try several teas to see which is best for your body type.

The teas listed above have the most scientific research proving they aid weight loss. 

  1. Can I drink herbal tea every day?

Yes, unless you have a specific allergy, you can drink herbal tea every day.

Even better, you can drink herbal teas more than once per day. Herbal teas are high in antioxidants, and most of them are low in caffeine, which makes them an excellent substitute for coffee or regular black tea.

However, since some herbals teas contain caffeine, you should be careful about how much you drink. 

We recommend drinking two to three cups of herbal tea per day to get sustained weight loss benefits. 

  1. Is herbal tea good for belly fat?

Yes! Lots of herbal teas are good for weight loss.

The antioxidants in the tea are very effective at burning fat and preventing fat cells from forming.

There isn't much evidence why, but studies have shown that green tea and white tea are especially effective at burning fat around the stomach and middle.

It's thought the catechins in the tea are effective at breaking down fat cells around your digestive system. 

Herbal teas help boost your metabolism, which means when you exercise, you can burn more calories, and your workout will be more effective.

If you specifically target your stomach area, you will likely see results much faster than if you didn't drink herbal tea. 


  1. What is the best herbal tea for losing weight?

Different types of herbal teas work in different ways, so the best tea for you may be different from someone else.

Some teas work by suppressing cravings and stopping the tendency for stress eating. If you lead a highly stressful lifestyle, an appetite suppressant tea will be most beneficial. 

However, if you find yourself experiencing bloating, stomach cramps, and gas, you may find a tea that helps your digestive system better.

Ensuring your digestive system is working properly, your body can effectively process food and use it for energy rather than storing it as fat. 

Some herbal teas are able to specifically target fat stored around the stomach and belly, while others are effective at burning fat overall.

Depending on what you want to target, you should try different teas. Here at Black Leaves, we have specially created blends that combine the best ingredients. If you want to try other teas, you can also use code BLOG30 to get a massive 30% discount on your first order.

If the tea you try isn't right for you, you can get your money back with our 30-day guarantee and try a different tea.

5. When should I drink herbal tea?

The best time to drink herbal tea varies depending on the type of tea you choose.

Some teas are very effective at helping promote a healthy digestive system, so they are the best when drunk after a large meal.

Other teas can be very effective when drunk first thing in the morning as a kickstart to your day.

Teas that increase metabolism and boost energy levels are great to drink instead of your morning coffee. 

If you are trying to drink more than one cup of using more than one type of herbal tea, you should space them out throughout the day.

This allows your body time to process and digest the nutrients from the tea without being overloaded. 

Why millions of Australian women already love herbal teas

Herbals teas are a very healthy replacement for black tea or coffee.

Scientific research suggests that drinking herbal teas every day can boost your metabolism and break down fat cells. Some herbal teas can also prevent further fat storage and suppress hunger cravings caused by stress. 

As well as helping maintain steady weight loss, some teas can help prevent weight fluctuation, helping you keep a stable weight.

Some studies also show that the antioxidants in herbal teas can promote a healthy digestive system that ensures the proper digestion of foods and nutrients.

This allows your body to process food and pass waste, usually without experiencing feelings of bloating, cramps, and excess gas.

Food that is digested properly will not be stored as fat but will instead be used to provide energy so you won't feel tired of lethargic. 

Combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, herbal teas are an excellent aid to weight loss.

Don't believe us? Just listen to what some very happy Black Leaves customers have already said: 

Tamara said, "I was uncomfortable and bloated. Working long office hours for sure doesn't help to lose weight, so I had to combine this program with a daily 30 minutes run. Here in Victoria is getting freezing in the morning so I'm trying to go for a quick train during the lunchtime break every day.
I lost approx 4 kg in 20 days. After a week, my bloating started going away."

Andrea said, "I lost 3 kg and my belly fat in 4 weeks by giving up snacking. The appetite suppressant played a great role in it. Also, the Goji berry tea gave me that morning boost that was a bonus at the gym."

Inez said, "I love BL Blends. Since I lost 5.8 kg, my fitness level changed significantly. I can even run for one hour now at the gym. I just finished this 28-day detox program, and I feel I can almost wear anything!"

If you've already experienced how herbal can change your life, we'd love to hear from you.

Get in touch or leave us a comment below to share your experiences with others. If you're just about to get started, we'd love to hear about your progress.

After all, there is no better time to start losing weight than right now; Especially when there's a discount!

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