The best weight loss teas in Australia

Plenty of people don’t believe weight-loss tea actually helps you lose weight.

It’s an understandable opinion.

How can drinking tea actually affect how you look?

But as it turns out, there are some ingredients which can actually help boost your metabolism, burn fat and keep the weight away.

For anyone looking to lose weight in a healthy, sustained way, drinking certain teas can make a huge difference.

Not only do some teas actively encourage weight loss, but taking some time to sit down and relax with a hot drink lowers your stress level. High stress levels can result in binge eating and a sluggish metabolism.

If you know what to look out for, drinking weight-loss tea is a great way to lose weight.

And its definitely more enjoyable than a workout! If you don’t know where to start or where to find the best weight loss teas in Australia then fear not! We’ve compiled this list of the best weight-loss teas out there so you can get started immediately.

Importantly, everything we’ve selected uses safe, natural ingredients rather than nasty chemicals. Synthetic, chemical tea recipes can result in unhealthy weight-loss which is difficult to sustain unless you continue to drink their specific formula.

Here at Black Leaves, we use natural ingredients to ensure that your weight-loss journey is healthy, enjoyable and most importantly, very tasty!

Why drink weight-loss tea?

If you’re struggling to lose weight, exercising but not seeing results, struggling against bloating or unable to fit into your old clothes, tea could be the answer. Many people turn to weight-loss tea to help kick-start their fitness journey, or to shed the final few pounds. According to a 2018 research paper, both black and green tea contain properties which can actively aid weight loss.

The ingredients in tea can help your digestive system breakdown foods more easily resulting in less weight stored on your body as fat and a higher energy level. Effectively, drinking tea will not only help you lose weight, you’ll also have more energy.

Drinking certain teas can also help with bloating. There’s nothing more annoying that being unable to do up your jeans because your stomach is bloated. Bloating can make you feel sluggish, uncomfortable and can affect your mental health. Particularly in warmer climates, bloating can affect energy levels and ruin your mood. Experts suggest that by drinking tea, you can minimise your bloating and improve the overall health of your gut.

Not only will weight loss teas help you shift a few pounds, but the extra fluid can help clear skin issues, promote a good night’s sleep, shift water weight, help digestive issues, reduce long-term health concerns and even minimise your risk of getting cancer.

Which are the best teas for weight loss in Australia?

Unfortunately, you can’t just make a cup of your normal tea and expect to see changes. Different teas have different effects.

White Tea

Of all the different color of tea, white tea has the most natural properties for boosting weight loss. White tea has the most antioxidants which can help breakdown existing fat as well as preventing fat storage in the future. One study also found that white tea has a huge amount of catechins which naturally enhance weight loss.

Bilberry tea

Bilberry tea is used in lots of natural medicines for its anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking a few cups of bilberry tea each day can dramatically reduce bloating and the uncomfortable feeling that comes with it. The antioxidants can also help with symptoms over being overweight such as stiff joints, sore muscles and some even claim it can help with diabetes. 

Ginger green tea

Like white tea, green tea contains loads of antioxidants which can help minimize fat storage. Drinking a cup of green tea every day can help your body turn fat into energy resources rather than storing it. Its best if drunk before each meal as it can also help aid digestion.

If you want to have a super-effective version, we love this recipe:

Mix 2 teaspoons of ginger with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey (for sweetness) into a mug, add hot water and some green tea. This super delicious recipe will help prevent bloating, reduce fat storage and help you shift a few pounds.

Oolong tea

Another very popular tea for weight loss is Oolong tea as it helps you distress as well as lose weight. Oolong is popular for anyone looking to calm their nerves or deal with anxiety so it’s a popular choice for weight loss.

The calming effects of the tea help to deal with the negative thoughts we associate with feeling boated, overweight and unhappy. As well as the positive mental side-effects, Oolong helps boost energy levels and slows down the formation of new fat cells.

If you don’t want to drink too many hot drinks, this recipe for iced Oolong tea is perfect for the Australian summer months. Add boiling water to Oolong tea leaves or teabags. Let sit for a few minutes and then remove the tea. Add some fresh raspberries and a dash of lemon juice and allow to cool for five minutes.

Pour over plenty of ice and enjoy!

New Me 28 Day Teatox

Different types of tea can help in very different ways. From reducing bloating to burning fat, increasing energy levels, reducing stress, calming anxiety and promoting weight loss. The ideal way to use tea for weight loss is to balance different types of tea to get the benefits you need.

The New Me 28 Day Teatox combines 4 different teas for you to drink daily over 28 days.

The teas can help with water retention, bloating hunger cravings, aid digestion and increase your metabolism. Rather than having to make different recipes and buy lots of different teas, we’ve created a single programme so you get all the benefits without the hard work.

Do Teatoxs actually work?

In a word; yes.

Drinking tea isn’t going to make you automatically drop two clothes sizes but if you are seriously looking to lose weight and increase your health, teatoxs can be a big help.

If you are exercising and eating healthily, drinking the right tea can ensure all your hard work and dieting doesn’t go to waste. With a boosted metabolism, any exercise will be more effective. If you are looking to lose weight with a diet, suppressing your hunger cravings and not having a snack is crucial.

Teatoxs can help with this.

Using tea to help detox your body gives you the fresh start and motivation you need to finally lose the weight. One customer who took part in the NewMe 28-day teatox said this of her experience;

I went through a toxic relationship for six years which caused me a lot of mental and health issues like anxiety and overweight. This program is pretty strong, and you have to combine it with exercise and diet. I'm quite lazy, but the fact that I committed with the guys to follow their program for a month gave me the discipline to go for at least a long walk per day and avoid 🍫. The blends taste delicious, and day by day I lost almost 9 kg.”

Doing a teatox is also great for your mental health.

Tea can help reduce stress, calm anxiety and minimise negative thoughts.

When we are overweight, or uncomfortable in our bodies, the increase stress and negativity can lead to binge eating, weight gain and the breakdown of habits such as regular exercise. Tea can help break this negative cycle and give you the jump-start you need to successfully lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Why you should start a teatox

There’s no time like the present. If you delay losing weight or getting healthier, you could cause long-term damage to your health.

Not only is extra weight putting stress on your joints, but your internal organs are working overtime and your stress levels are skyrocketing. According to the World Health Organisation, being overweight for a few years can seriously damaged our future health. Not only does obesity damage to your bones, joints and ligaments which can lead to replacement surgery, but studies show that being overweight may lead to cancers.

You can solve these problems by giving yourself the best chance of loosing weight and gaining energy by using tea to promote your body’s natural processes. Not only does being overweight effect your self-confidence and long-term health, it can affect your day-to day life.

Studies have shown that being overweight can affect your chance of getting a raise or getting a new job. Subconscious bias means that thinner people are more likely to land their dream job that those who are overweight. Being overweight also means your body is working overtime to you are more susceptible to getting a cold or the flu. You’ll also likely have more allergies as your body can’t deal with fighting off things like pollen and dust.

Even after buying a teatox programme, you’ll probably be better off financially. You won’t have to constantly buy new jeans to fit into, all your old clothes will fit, you’ll shop for food less often and won’t be craving snacks when you’re out and about. All these things save you money. It’s also likely that losing a few pounds will mean you sweat less, gain confidence, sleep better, and have a better memory.

And if you needed any more motivation to get started right now you and all the other blog readers can apply for an extra 20% off discount with the code BLOG20!!!

So, if you want to commit to long-term weight loss, or maybe you want to start this journey with a friend, now is the best, and cheapest, time to get started, get healthy, and lose weight.

Is a Teatox right for me?

If you are trying to lose weight in a healthy way without crash dieting, taking diet pills or following a restrictive exercise plan, then yes, teatoxing is for you. No matter how old you are, if you experience bloating, stress, sleep apnoea, sore joints, negative thoughts about your body or digestive problems, Teatox can help you.

One of the best things about weight-loss teatoxs in Australia is that they don’t require huge amounts of time, energy or special equipment to get results.

Some diet and exercise regimes require you to have a smoothie maker and a home gym with all the equipment and a spiralizer and a juicer and six different types of pan. If you’ve got a way to heat water and a mug, you’re ready.

No extra time spent preparing things in advance and no special equipment. If you have a busy lifestyle, weight-loss teas can fit into your life without adding extra stress to your busy day.

A teatox can’t help you become a perfect person overnight, but it will help you become best version of yourself.

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Evelyn Cowling

Evelyn Cowling

Hi I regularly have my Milk Oolong tea like this; boil water, add boiled water to Milk Oolong tea in a strainer, plus desired amount of Stevie in a large teapot. Sit covered for between 5-10 minutes. Strain tea leaves and pour into tall (1-2 litre) carafe or covered beverage jar/bottle and refrigerate for several hours.
Absolutely the best thing ever to drink on a hot day!!!
Thank you Black Leaves.

If you ever stock plain tea varieties like hibiscus please let me know (elimination diet) as many combination teas I cannot consume.
Many thanks

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